David J. Thomas

16-Feb-1949 - 22-Aug-2020

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Posted by Melanie Murray | 10-Sep-2020

My thoughts go out to Dave's family; Ben, Larissa and also the Lighthouse and AXYS Families for which Dave was the Captain of.

I had the opportunity of doing business with Dave for a number of years and will always hold him in high regard. Not only was he highly intelligent, but he was always very modest, kind and a great leader. I feel lucky that I was there to help Dave and Ben celebrate Lighthouse's 20th celebration back in 2018, as it was a great day out and one that was full of smiles, especially on Dave's face surrounded by his family, team, partner and friends.

I am so sorry for your loss. I will personally miss bumping into Dave at a local pub or the Toronto Airport which I would always be greeted with a big bear hug. Dave, you were an awesome guy all around and will be missed.

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Posted by Bernie Boucher | 05-Sep-2020

Dave was a great friend and colleague. I will miss him immensely.

My most sincere condolences to his family and loved ones.

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Posted by Simon Skey | 05-Sep-2020

I have fond memories of seemingly endless lunches with Dave and Andrew at the Rumrunner when I first joined AXYS (Seachem as it then was) in the early 90’s. I was in awe of his ability to talk about any subject with such knowledge and wit. I was so fortunate to work with him for 10 amazing and memorable years. He was a tower of strength and one of the few great people I worked with in my career. My condolences to the family.

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Posted by John Marusiak | 05-Sep-2020

Our condolences to you and the family. We will always treasure the memories we had with your Dad. He was an exceptional man. We send our love and prayers to the family all the way from Cape Breton.

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Posted by Natasha Hoover | 05-Sep-2020

Dave, thank you for being in my life. You started the project with a Russian lab, and that what changed my life dramatically.
The main lesson I got from you was ” Everything is possible”, that’s what I heard from you a number of times.
Rest In Peace. I will never forget you and your kindness.
My deep condolences to the family.

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Posted by Ken Lewis | 05-Sep-2020

I first met Dave in the winter of 2002. He interviewed me in Toronto for the position of CEO at Seastar Chemicals. He immediately presented as a kind, intelligent and fascinating personality. I thought to myself after meeting Dave, "I must get this job!" I relocated to Victoria in May of 2002 and I had the great pleasure of working and spending time with Dave for the next fifteen years. What an amazing man. My sincerest condolences to the family. He will be missed.

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Posted by Rudolf Friesen | 04-Sep-2020

David and I were childhood friends growing up in Beamsville. We would get together on Saturday nights to watch our beloved Maple Leafs play hockey on TV. We also played ball hockey on his parents driveway on winter weekends.
I also went to Queens and I remember getting together there with our wife's for a cheese fondue dinner.
My condolences to his family and Peter, who I also know well. David will surely be missed by all.

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Posted by Michael O'Neill | 04-Sep-2020

Many decades ago David and I were brother-in-laws. He and Carolyn lived in a beautigul house in Oak Bay.(next door to were Larissa lives today). David decided to renovate the basement and to keep costs down he asked me to help. The little project was clipping along quite nicely. I worked all day and Dave would join me in the evening as he was busy with his first business. When it came time to relocate some plumbing David switched out the pipes and while working said "Michael, there's no need to hire an expensive plumber, it's really very simple". About 15 minutes later a six year old Ben came to the basement and said "Daddy, there is smoke coming out of the toilet!" Without losing a beat David turned to me and said "I.m hiring a plumber in the morning" , David could always roll with a punch and was unphased by any problem. It was always a pleasure to see David walk into a room. Always calm and easy in a crowd or one on one. A great story teller and a wonderful person. He is missed dearly.

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Posted by Dmitry Samsonov | 04-Sep-2020

I am deeply shocked at the news of David passing away, and I grieve that this happened.
I had known David for over 20 years. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to see each other often,
but every time, when I was meeting David at the airport in Moscow, I was very happy to hear his
“ Hey!”, to see his smile and to exchange a strong handshake.
It so happened that in a difficult time for me and for my business, David helped a lot with his energy and ability to perform seemingly impossible tasks. David managed to breath new life into the work of a laboratory in Russia; the past years only emphasize how much he did, and I am infinitely grateful to him for that.
It is a pity, that you have gone so early, that I won’t hear your contagious laugh anymore and we won’t be able to sit down once more over a friendly dinner. It is such a pity.
God is One, no matter where we live. In memory of you, David, I am lighting a candle today in a Russian church. Rest in peace.

Dmirty Samsonov.

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Posted by Paul and Diane Erickson | 04-Sep-2020

Ben and Larissa,
We have many happy memories of your father both as a friend and a business partner. We know that his love for both of you surpassed his many significant professional achievements, and hope that this will bring you comfort. Our sincerest condolences on your loss.

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