Planning for Life’s Final Transition

Planning for Life’s Final Transition

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During your life, you will have experienced many transitions: launching your career, raising a family, retiring, and so on. You learned how to deal with these changes — and you can also learn how to manage life’s final transition: death.

As you think about planning for this transition, ask yourself and your close family members some key questions:

  • How do you want your life to be commemorated? Think about those beliefs and ideas that you and your family value most highly, and visualize what your funeral might look like. A detailed vision will make it easier to create an appropriate final transition plan.
  • How can you ease the transition for your family? By taking care of funeral and cemetery pre-planning, updating your Will to reflect your objectives and communicating your desires to your loved ones, you will allow your family to come together to celebrate your life — without worrying about the finances and logistics that can be especially worrisome during a time of stress.
  • Where can you get some help? You’ll want to seek the assistance of a funeral director or a professional cemetery planner. During these discussions, you will learn how pre-paying your final arrangements may ultimately result in savings of thousands of dollars, while protecting yourself from inflation and rising taxes.

To start the final transition process, simply request your free Estate Planner from Arbor Memorial. It’s the first step toward taking a burden off your loved ones’ shoulders.

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