87 Things to Do After a Death

Learn what you can take care of now

A List of What Needs to be Done Immediately After Someone Dies

Following the death of a family member, there are many important details that will need attention. A relative, friend or even a stranger is left with the responsibility of accomplishing all of these tasks in just 72 hours.   There are at least 87 decisions, choices and things to do, including:

  • Securing vital statistics and documents;
  • Arranging and paying for a funeral service and burial plot;
  • Notifying the authorities, family and friends.

Know What’s Involved

However, you can take care of many of these items right now. Knowing what’s involved in advance provides you with the opportunity to make decisions on your own behalf today, saving undue hardship for loved ones tomorrow. By planning ahead, you can choose the options that cater to your taste, culture and budget. Do you want a religious or a secular ceremony? Should it be casual, formal, or unconventional? Do you prefer burial or cremation? Your individual plan can reflect what matters most to you.

Potential Cost Savings

You can also take advantage of cost savings. Planning early can cut costs by thousands of dollars and reduces the financial burden on your loved ones. By making your investment in today’s dollars, at today’s prices, you can protect your estate from inflation and rising costs.

Imagine how much pressure and uncertainty you could lift from the shoulders of loved ones by removing these tasks from their time of grief. Spare them from this undue stress. Discover the decisions you can take care of right now! Request this informative brochure, and start planning ahead today.

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