Cremation Services

Affordable and Compassionate
Cremation Services at Westlawn

Westlawn Funeral Home & Cemetery has an on-site crematorium. Our pricing is competitive; please call us directly to get a price that fits your budget.  Call: (780) 484-5500 (available 24/7)

We provide a full suite of cremation services from simple to traditional, including visitation and a memorial service; with a team that is there to provide support and guidance.

Some of our convenient and compassionate care services include:

• 24 hour on-call service, administrative assistance for legal and government paperwork, obituaries
• Memorials, religious services and celebration of life events
• Able to accommodate religious requests and rituals
Prepaid cremation plans and paperwork services
• Many resting place options

Full-Service Cremation Services & Support

Arbor’s commitment to the families we serve starts from the moment of a loved one’s death all the way through aftercare support.

First, our 24/7 service means that we come right away. These first moments after a death are often the most vulnerable, as families deal with shock, grief, fear, and even confusion. We are trained and experienced in providing emotional support as well as a shoulder to lean on for any practicalities.

If the individual has preplanned, Arbor staff enact the final wishes plan and start all the relevant paperwork.  If final arrangements were not made before death, our funeral directors  will provide guidance on administrative and legal documents, obituaries, and memorial plans.

We are proud to serve a diverse community of people and religious, in fact any of our funeral directors speak a variety of languages. For example, we can easily accommodate requests for bathing and dressing a body prior to a cremation.

Remembering & Celebrating a Unique Life

• Memorials, Religious Ceremonies and Celebration of Life Events:  Arbor’s funeral homes are designed to accommodate a variety of events and our staff is here to help you make it unique. All our funeral homes are wheelchair accessible, have audio and visual equipment and a large parking lots for your guests.
• Obituaries:  Arbor’s unique digital legacy for your loved one collects photos, dedications, music, and more from everyone who loved them, no matter where they are in the world.
• Products:  Arbor offers a variety of cremation products from urns to keepsakes

Final Resting Place

Arbor provides a tranquil place for your family to visit your loved ones’ remains.

These include:
• Indoor and outdoor niches
• Burial for the ashes
• Cremation Gardens and Nature Walks at our cemetery
• Memorial trees
• Monuments and markers in our cemetery

More Information

Arbor’s dedicated staff would be happy to share more information about cremation and answer any questions you may have.

Pre-paid Cremations

  • Savings:  Planning early offers cost savings of up to thousands of dollars.
  • Reduce the burden on your family: Planning your final arrangements ahead of time reduces the responsibilities on your family at their time of distress.
  • Peace of mind: Gain comfort in knowing your plans are ready.
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