Robert Elford

28-May-1962 - 27-Jun-2022

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Posted by Rick Thomas | 25-Jul-2022

My first memory of meeting Rob and his mother Barbara and brother Alex was Thanksgiving weekend at the home of his great grandmother's home on the shore of Lake Erie, when their mother had driven in from Owen Sound. I am sad that we had so little time to catch up on so many years that lapsed in between then and now, but can say in all sincerity that Rob was a fine gentleman who could always be proud of his family. My love and prayers go to Ina and all of the Elford family in this sad time.

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Posted by Arend Tenhove | 19-Jul-2022

We were shocked to hear of Ron's sudden sickness and passing. Although we aren't acquainted with the family we are certain it leaves a large empty place. Rob delivered our dairy orders for a long time, and being the cheerful, friendly and outgoing fellow he was, always made time for a quick chat. We hope and pray that God may give comfort to Ron's family during this difficult time. Sincere condolences from the team at Norwich Deli & Bakery

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Posted by Lisa Billings | 16-Jul-2022

Barb - My heart aches for you, for Alex, for Ina and her family. Your beloved boy featured prominently in your animated tales as you spun magic in the English classroom and the staff room many moons ago. Rob came honestly by his wit, keen intelligence, incredible work ethic, and gifts as a raconteur. As an adult, Rob became your rock, a steadying hand and a trusted friend. He will be sorely missed by all who loved and admired him. May peace be with you all.

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Posted by Lanhowe (Lan) Chen | 16-Jul-2022

My first encounter with Rob was in updating him and Ina on Kee's whereabouts during the 2019 summer bushfires. I knew how worried they were, and when Kee was finally safe and she called them, I could see how relieved they were. Since then, I have had opportunities to get to know Rob through video calls and Kee's stories. By all accounts, he was a kind, curious, and a dutiful man who wasn't afraid to approach issues with humour and light.

It's quite saddening that I won't ever get to meet Rob in person, the man who played such a pivotal part in Kee's and the Elford family's life, and someone whom I had made plans to show around Australia and whose trust I wanted to earn.

But I take stock in the glimpses of contact I have had, in his memory and the stories, and through Kee. Rest in peace Rob.

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Posted by Steve Connolly | 14-Jul-2022

I was shocked to hear the news of Rob's passing. He was my OJI when I came to London and I am so very glad I got to be his friend. We shared a love of The Sopranos, a posting in YTS and time working for the union. My deepest condolences to Ina and the family.

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Posted by Lorne Boppre | 14-Jul-2022

It was a true honour and pleasure to know and work with Rob in London. My deepest condolences to Ina and family. That must also be extended to all that knew and loved him. With a smile, he would often point out to me, his observations and thoughts about the ironic and twisted ways of our world. No question, he always nailed it.

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Posted by Anna Salvador | 11-Jul-2022

So very sorry about your loss Ina and family. It was very nice to meet your husband when you came to Timmins. Condolences from me and Perry.

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Posted by John Baldwin | 11-Jul-2022

I was just made aware of Rob's passing. I had the good fortune to know Rob for many years. He was my colleague, mentor, and friend. His professionalism and dedication to aviation was known across the country. My deepest condolences to his family. I know he is missed very much.

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Posted by Todd McGrattan | 10-Jul-2022

When I transferred from CYAM FSS to CYXU FIC in October of 2002, it was clear that Rob was a central cog in the works at the FIC. Beyond his years of experience in aviation and drive to improve his knowledge of meteorology, he had a gift for connecting with folks, always holding court at his position and enthralling his co-workers with ANYTHING he had to say because, whatever it was, he always made it interesting.

Last summer, while on a break at work, I happened upon Rob and Ina walking along Crumlin Sideroad. I hadn’t seen Rob since his retirement prior to COVID and, to be honest, didn’t recognize them until Rob called out ‘Howdy, stranger!’ We conversed at length, catching up with each other and enjoying ‘gay repartee’ until Ina could no longer endure the swarms of mosquitos and other assorted bloodsuckers we were all being subjected to.

When we parted, it struck me that that was the happiest and most contented I’d ever seen him, and I’m very grateful to have had that chance encounter, more so now that he’s gone. We’re all better for having known him.

My sincere condolences to Ina, Veronica, Spencer, and Kee. I can’t begin to imagine to depth of your loss.

And to Rob, I return his own familiar words: ‘Take it easy Brotha.’

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Posted by Gloria Ferri | 10-Jul-2022

To Ina and your entire family, my very deepest condolences on your loss. I was so shocked to hear the news. Cherish the happy memories. Thinking of you.

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