Anthony David Parkin

21-Nov-1955 - 16-May-2021

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Posted by Annette Kurjanczyk | 03-Jun-2021

Jayne, I am so sorry to hear the news of your beloved Anthony’s passing. I know that he meant the world to you and I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that you are in my thoughts, Annette

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Posted by Robert Smith | 25-May-2021

I met Tony in 87’ the very first movie he coordinated called A New Life and worked with and for Tony over the last 34 yrs. It’s really hard to believe that much time has passed.I’ve worked with a very long list of carpenters over that time and Tony was definitely a stand out and one of the top 10 craftsman that I’ve had the pleasure to work with in my 38 yr career. He could build anything no matter how complicated the task and I always admired his skill.We work many, many hours in the film industry and we sacrifice the better part of our lives building sets and scenery and working onset and before you know it 35+yrs have gone by.Please try to make the time for your family, friends and yourselves because you can’t buy back time and the older we get the more we realize that our life here really is a very fast ride.❤️

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Posted by James Forsythe | 22-May-2021

Tony was always wonderful for to see around the studio. He was a pleasure to work with and I always looked forward to seeing him. He was a wealth of knowledge and shared it without hesitation bringing us younger carpenters up to a much more professional level. He will definitely be missed but I’m grateful for the moments I had with him.

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Posted by Don Vandewater | 22-May-2021

I have known and worked with Tony for over 30 years in the film business building scenery for movies and television. He was an excellent carpenter with a keen design sense and problem solving ability and very willing to help if asked. My fondest memory is how he got me started making my own wine after tasting his excellent vintages and how generous he was with his advice. So sorry he was taken so early.

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Posted by Marissa Lang | 22-May-2021

I will miss Anthony's physical presensce, but I am so greatful he is at peace now! He did not leave anyone behind the sparkle he passed on to all of us still shines ❤

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Posted by haston presnell | 22-May-2021

Elena and I Haston knew Anthony well as a young man and loved hm and enjoyed our time spent with him in Europe. We were extremely. Happy to hear of his success after he moved to Canada and became a family man. Our sympathy and our love go out to His wife Jayne ad his children With Anthony’s loving life style there is no doubt he is enjoying Heaven with his Mom and Dad

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Posted by Gavin Tweed | 22-May-2021

Tony, thank you for everything over the years, you helped me at the very beginning of my Canadian journey and never stopped. A great man who taught me many things and who I look Upto in many ways! You were always quick witted and full of good humour with a work ethic second to none and clearly had so much love for your family. You will be missed by many!

Love Gavin, Jessica, wee Willy and Mia xx

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Posted by Andy Vidal | 21-May-2021

We'll meet another day. Thanks for the memories of our work times together. When you had a chance to show me kindness you showed it to me ,thank you my friend.

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Posted by David & Jean Tucker | 21-May-2021

Although we hadn't seen Anthony for some years, we still have many wonderful memories of the times we spent with him here in Cardiff.
He was always brilliant company - kind, funny - with a rogueish twinkle in his eye. We will remember him with great fondness.
Sincere sympathies to his family and friends everywhere.

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Posted by Glyn Parkin | 20-May-2021

Wagon, Tonino, Anthony, my lovely little brother, you were the best little brother anybody could wish for. I loved the time we spent together, these past couple of months in the face of so much you managed a sense of humour as we reminisced on the front porch and I am so glad of these final weeks together. I will always be grateful to have you as my brother and will miss you like I cannot describe. Text me from heaven brother, see you on the other side

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