Reese Fallon


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Posted by suzanne bowman | 23-Jul-2019

I did not know youre beautiful daughter Reese but I have been following the news I want to express to you my most deepest heartfelt condolences to youre family and friends my heart breaks for you I am so sorry for youre heartache and grief !! I have a daughter same age as youre beautiful girl I cannot imagine what you are going thru !! May God always be with you to give you strength love and comfort each and everyday ! She s looking down from heavens , a shining star !!

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Posted by Anna Jacob | 22-Feb-2019

Dear parents, family, and friends of Reese, May the God of all comfort be with you in this time of great loss. May the good memories you shared with Reese be a source of consolation to you. May you also find comfort and hope in the promises made by the God of the Bible- 'death will be no more'(Revelation 21:4), Violence and crime will be gone forever (Psalm 37:9-11), our dead loved ones can live again (Acts 24:15). As we look forward to this beautiful paradise where Reese can live her life to the full and forever, I wish you God's peace.

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Posted by Debby Barlow | 02-Oct-2018

I have meet Reese a few times when she was little through her Aunt Sheryl,.
Sheryl and I used to go to the Craft exhibits downtown and Sheryl always had to get something special for the girls. She talked about them all the time. My deepest heart felt condolences go out to your family Doug and Claudine and Sheryl and her family. My heart is broken for all. RIP Reese

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Posted by Emma De Lint | 19-Aug-2018

Sweet Riley,

I never met Reese or Quinn or your parents but knowing you was enough for me to see what a wonderful family you came from. I'll never forget the day when you told me about Reese, her first job and how proud you were of her. You will always remain her big sister. Please extend my deepest condolences to your parents, to Quinn and your entire family. You are strong.



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Posted by Marcie Pekar | 03-Aug-2018

Dearest Claudine, Douggy ,Riley and Quinny. With the darkest, deepest sadness this message is written. Reesey was beyond a beautiful, intelligent, compassionate girl so full of life, smarts, goofiness and empathy. She should have gone on to lead many incredible adventures and our hearts are broken that she won't go through all the milestones and daily life that she was meant to. The love, time, care and validation that you gave Reesey for over 18 years helped to shape the loving, confident person that she was. Although she was here for a short time she filled the moments with a heart full of the love that she received everyday from you...and gave that love back. Reesey would have been a brilliant nurse and mother, advocate and activist. She would have continued to fight to make this world kinder and more inclusive. There are no words of comfort for your journey without her, however she will always be honoured, remembered and deeply loved. Love Marcie, Shira and Eitan xx

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Posted by Tania Siebler-Biller | 01-Aug-2018

Claudine and family,

I can not express how sorry I am.
Claudine, you are the best mom I know, selfless in every way. I have no words. Just know that love and light is coming your way from me.
Please Claudine, I live in Florida now and if you need to get away with your family my doors are open anytime.

Tania Siebler- Biller

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Posted by Michele Siebler-McNally | 01-Aug-2018

Claudine, Cat just messaged me today that Reese was your daughter. There are no words. I just told Tania and she said that you were one of the best moms she had ever seen. "There are selfless moms, but Claudine was above and beyond", were her words. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

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Posted by Rocco D'Amico | 01-Aug-2018

Dear Claudine and Doug,

Carmela and I were sickened and cried like babies when we first learned of your beautiful Reese being snatched from your life. We wanted to hug you and your family.

How can another beautiful sweet young girl with so much to give humanity end up like our Anne Marie? Why are so many bad things happening to good people? is this real? Of all the millions of person's in the city why this place, this time, this moment? Why her? I'm sure these and other questions have occupied your mind as it did with our Anne Marie in that van attack.

No one can feel, understand, or make any sense of what you are going through. There is no phrase that you haven't heard that makes the pain any less. All you want is to hold and feel her again. Just for a moment.

We are so deeply sorry for your loss. We understand what you are going through. PLEASE, should you ever want to meet and talk, Carmela and I are ready. Just reach out. The funeral home has our email.

With love and peace to your family,

Rocco and Carmela D'Amico

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Posted by Corey, Paul, Emma and Josh Helm | 31-Jul-2018

Dear Claudine, Doug, Riley & Quinn. We have been thinking of you all so much over the past week. We were all so, so sad to learn about Reese's passing. We have many fond Adam Beck memories of her and your family. We were sorry to be unable to attend the funeral today as we are out of town. Our thoughts, prayers and love are with you all.

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Posted by Kym Calway | 30-Jul-2018

I am sending my deepest condolences to your Family, May you gather love and strength from the outpouring of love and support in loving memory of your beautiful Reese.

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