Frantisek Fiala

15-Apr-1935 - 24-Aug-2021

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Posted by Rosemary Carter | 30-Aug-2021

I have many good memories of Frank from my years working in the School of Computer Science. A kind, wise, thoughtful and supportive man. Someone who really made a difference. My condolences to the Fiala family.

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Posted by Angelo Mingarelli | 30-Aug-2021

My most sincere condolences to the Fiala family. He was one of the kindest men that I knew, always positive, sympathetic, a presence so it was easy to be comfortable when speaking with him. I’m very sorry for your loss, Carleton has lost a major figure in its historical development.

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Posted by Jane,Raymond &John Sullivan | 30-Aug-2021

Dear Donna and family.
We want to express our deepest condolences to you and your family on the passing of Frank.
Please know that we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time.
God Bless. Rest in peace Frank

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Posted by William Clark | 30-Aug-2021

My dědeček was an inspiration to me in so many ways. He taught me patience, peacefulness and showed me that one can be wise and thoughtful without being any less brave or determined. His example is one I seek to emulate in my own life. If I grow to be even a fraction of the kind-hearted, good-natured man he was I will have achieved a personal goal of mine.

One of my oldest memories of dědeček is when we sat out in the backyard of his house and discussed his personal history in Czechia (then, Czechoslovakia). He told me about his experiences during World War II which happened when he was just a boy. This then led to a discussion about the Prague Spring and the subsequent Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia. It was during this occupation that dědeček, babi, my aunties and my mother fled from their home to start a new life in Canada. That personal story was one of the many reasons I found an interest in history - a subject I am planning to teach once I finish my Bachelor's in Secondary Education.

My dědeček was very special to me, but because of the distance between us, I didn't get to spend as much time as I may have wanted to with him. I wish I learnt more from him, but in the time we did spend together he taught me invaluable lessons about life. I regret not being able to make it to the funeral, so I'm posting this here to say thank you for everything dědeček .

From your loving grandson,

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Posted by Lida Chiarelli | 29-Aug-2021

This is what Kelly Smith, a dear friend (especially of my sister Vera) from high school, wrote to us. She has given me permission to share it:

The three lessons I will remember most from your dad are firstly to never let your pilot light go out, no matter how low the flame gets... never give up on life or belief in yourself.

Secondly, treat everyone with kindness first. Even if they appear angry or aggressive or completely opposite to your beliefs, greet them with the gift of kindness first... don't presume that they aren't deserving of that... and that your kindness won't make a difference.

Thirdly, if someone makes the effort to come to your door for a donation, never send them away empty-handed,even if all you can give them is a few dollars.

Your dad was a truly important person in my life, and even more so because our relationship started when I was young and went on for 45 years... I learned a lot in those intervening decades and your dad was a constant through it all.
I am full of gratitude for his kindness, acceptance and gentle manner of teaching some of life's most important lessons, which I probably could not have learned from my own father.

Sometimes it takes a father figure outside of our own family to get us to listen to things we would be resistant to from our own fathers.

I'm a pretty lucky girl to have grown up with not just one but two incredible dads.

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Posted by Juliana Crasto | 29-Aug-2021

Deeply saddened to hear sudden passing away of dear Frank. May his departed soul rest in eternal peace. My heartfelt condolences to Dona and the entire family. Keeping Frank and all the family members in prayers during this difficult time.
Frank will be greatly missed at St Maurice Parish!!

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Posted by Dave Thomas | 29-Aug-2021

Margaret and I wish to extend our heartfelt sympathies and condolences to Zdenka, and the family. Frank was a good friend and colleague at Carleton. I met Frank while working in computing services and lecturing. Later I was fortunate to participate in the formation of Master in Information and Systems Science; and School of Computer Science; Co-op and SCS graduate program. In all these efforts Frank and John Neilson provided strong leadership.
Creating strong interdisciplinary programs requires academic diplomacy and substantial personal goodwill to ensure that both your department and those of other participants are treated fairly. Frank was an outstanding ambassador, always humble, good-humored, and generous.

His contributions were essential to the founding of SCS, and to the recruitment of a diverse and talented faculty at the SCS. Frank was truly a Professor of the University. He was a great professor; and thoughtful mentor and a colleague. He always put students and faculty ahead of any personal interests. Whenever I would meet a former student they would always ask for Frank.

Frank's private life was a mirror of his pubic work with a strong love devotion for his family, his church; and community.

I owe much of my personal career to the generous mentoring of Frank.
Frank, May you rest in peace knowing how much we owe you.

Thoughts and Prayers
Dave and Margaret Thomas

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Posted by John Pugh | 29-Aug-2021

I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Frank Fiala. My condolences to all of his family. Frank played an enormous part in the development of the School of Computer Science at Carleton. Frank had time, compassion, encouragement and knowledgeable advice for everyone. All delivered with a gentle demeanor but a firm hand when necessary. I was one of the prime recipients and for that I will be forever grateful for his comradeship and support.

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Posted by Veronica Chiarelli | 29-Aug-2021

A message from Prof. Anil Maheshwari to me, which he allowed me to share:

I am genuinely saddened to hear about Frank. But at the same time, I am pleased to hear about the beautiful family, his dedication to his family, friends, and especially to make Carleton and our School better. He played a significant role in establishing our school. He laid the foundation of our school - now it admits over 500 undergrads and 30 grads per year. We are close to 50 faculty members - it was 3 when Frank joined the school!

He helped me personally in numerous ways - helping me understand the North American education system, Carleton logistics, our School etc. A couple of his books are on my shelf - this includes one of my favourite books on Graph Algorithms by Shimon Even.

Anil Maheshwari
Professor, School of Computer Science
Carleton University

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Posted by Veronica Chiarelli | 29-Aug-2021

A message from Prof. Frank Dehne to me, which he allowed me to share:

Frank was a wonderful colleague. He will be missed. 

Dr. Frank Dehne  
Chancellor's Professor of Computer Science
Founding Director, Institute for Data Science
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

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