Dr. Franco Ricci


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Posted by Hayley Palmer-Arike | 28-Nov-2022

It brings me sadness to hear this unfortunate news of Prof. Rocco’s passing. He was my favourite professor at the University of Ottawa. I excelled in his class and it was all because of his great connection with students and making learning enjoyable. He was generous enough to help me as a reference for my law school application. I am sure he had tremendous impacts on all his students. This is truly a loss, sending my condolences to the friends, family and academic community. He will be missed by so many, Rest In Peace to an incredible man.

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Posted by Dante Alighieri Society of Ottawa | 21-Nov-2022

On behalf of the Dante Alighieri Society of Ottawa, we wish to extend our very deepest condolences to Dr. Ricci's loved ones. His contributions to the Italian community of Ottawa are many and profound, his passing is a great loss.

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Posted by Mary Morgan | 18-Nov-2022

Dear Hoda and Alessandro
I am so sorry for the loss of Franco in your life - his memories and legacy will live on in you. The stories written and memories from your community show that he led a beautiful and full life with you all - I am sure you will hold on to that as you navigate your grief.
Sending you prayers of comfort and peace during this time.
Mary Morgan

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Posted by Diego Matteo | 17-Nov-2022

I was a student of Dr. Ricci and today I was saddened to hear the news about his passing. I still have a bottle of wine that I brought for him from a trip, which I didn't get to hand him in because it coincided with the beginning of the pandemic. That was a small token of appreciation for the kindness he showed toward me. I remember him saying that a certain date more than a decade ago was like a new birth for him. I trust that the realization of the finitude of our existence allowed him to leave this last decade fully. His teachings left a long-lasting impression on many of us and he will be fondly remembered. My most sincere condolences to the family of Dr. Ricci.

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Posted by Maggy Kyrollos | 14-Nov-2022

My sincerest condolences Hoda to you, to your son and to the entire family. Wishing you peace, confort , courage at this difficult time. Praying to God to confort you all


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Posted by Renata Coppola | 13-Nov-2022

I was so upset to hear of Franco’s passing. He was a beautiful person inside and out. The day before I had sent him a message asking him how his wife was doing, because I have been in the same position. My husband Elio died from pancreatic cancer. I guess he never read my message. I said I was hoping to see him soon. But I guess he never received my message. He was a wonderful person inside and out. I respected him so much. He was a very intelligent person. I will miss him a lot. So very sorry that he’s gone. I never had a chance to see him again. I cried when I read of his passing. I will miss you so much my dear friend 😢😢

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Posted by Elena Iacono | 12-Nov-2022

Professor Ricci was an incredible person. Took a few courses with him at Ottawa U. We deconstructed Scorsese - and looked at the Italian immigrant story. He challenged our critical thinking, leaving us with an unmatched sense of appreciation and understanding of our heritage. His reach will live on… he will be missed. 🇨🇦🇮🇹

Elena Iacono

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Posted by Assunta Chiota | 11-Nov-2022

Thank you for opening my eyes to the literature of Italo Calvino. Who knew…I would write a paper on the metamorphoses of various species seen in ‘Le Cosmicomiche’. Thank you for teaching me more about my culture and my parents city of Sulmona. Rest In Peace Professor Ricci. Blessings to your family.

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Posted by Lucia Ioannoni | 11-Nov-2022

To my cousin Franco whom I admire for his profound wisdom and intellect...always ready to embrace in rich dialogue...may you rest in peace...and our most sincere Condolences to Hoda and Allessandro...cherished memories live on forever

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Posted by Abdallah and Mariane Obeid | 11-Nov-2022

Great Intellectual, great Professor, great Writer, great Artist, among many more great attributes, but above all a great Human Being. Franco, you will be greatly missed by your Colleagues at the University of Ottawa, your Students, your Friends and by everyone who had the privilege of knowing you .
You left your stamps on everything you touched and a great legacy to emulate.
Our deepest sympathies to Hoda and Alexandro and every member of the family.
You fought bravely the pains of this worldly state and now you are on your journey to rest in eternal peace.
Your memory will live on in our hearts as our lives were made richer by knowing you.
Until we meet again....!!! we love you....!!
Abdallah and Mariane

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