Matushka Nadezhda Svetlovsky (née Apouchtine)


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Posted by Stephan Hobbs | 10-Jul-2018

I have a fond memory of Matuskha Nadezhda inviting me to her house in Orleans for a post-Theophany moleben and maslenitza. Everything was so perfectly arranged and though out without being pretentious. Everything was so very Russian Orthodox, but not exclusively so.

I shared many of her opinions including the love of tradition, Church Slavonic music and the observation of the traditional Orthodox calendar. Unfortunately I never met Father Protodeacon Peter, but Matuskha loaned me at one time a taped recording of him chanting in a televised service from Christ the Saviour in Toronto - a rare treat to hear such a voice!

May God grant her His eternal Kingdom....Stephan Hobbs

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Posted by Archpriest Andrew Morbey | 02-Jul-2018

Like many people of my generation, I might say that Fr Alexander or Fr John were my teachers, but if the truth is told, my two greatest Orthodox teachers were the ever-memorable Konstantin Sakovich and Matoushka Nadia. They loved the Russian Church, the typikon, the liturgical texts, the priestly, churchly way of life they knew so well, like breathing. They were not easy on a young and youngish priest, but their love and zeal and piety were something very special and, well, foundational. for me. Thinking of Matoushka Nadezhda - Nadia - she was such a strong, supportive, firm but kind woman, devoted to the typicon and liturgical accuracy, lover of church music, repository of church stories, anecdotes, insights into church personalities, softly delighted by irony and paradox, long-suffering - husband, boys, but no daughter to soften things! - always was able to put wonderful Russian food on the table, stylish in a French way.... Apologetic cook, delightful hostess! A beautiful woman animated by a love of God, good-willed. Memory eternal! Protodeacon Peter's was the first body I washed down as a priest. She and Father Peter were like bread and butter, or perhaps some more colorful combination, and their vestment making legendary. May I mention her dear friend Vera? Like peas in a pod, such friendship illumines our sense of what is possible in this life ... Pray for us!

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Posted by Father Michael & Matushka Lydia Westerberg | 02-Jul-2018

Please accept our condolences. Growing up on Long Island, not far from Sea Cliff, I knew Matushka and Father Peter before entering seminary. For approximately 18 months before Father Peter's retirement I had the privilege of being with Father Protodeacon and Matushka one day nearly every week, as I honed my sewing skills (Father Peter had wanted me to buy his business.) Through precious hours of conversation as we worked, and simple but wonderful lunches, I treasured their company and kindness, laughed at their wit and collected jewels from the wisdom they had acquired over their life experiences.
May their memory be eternal!

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Posted by Very Rev. John Memorich | 02-Jul-2018

I was so surprised and saddened to learn of Matushka's death. I had lost touch with the family since their move to Canada, but spent many wonderful times with them in Sea Cliff during the mid eighties. I was enrolled at St. Vladimir's Seminary and worked at Syosset during my summers and holiday seasons. I used drive over on Saturdays and cut their grass and help Fr. Dn. Peter with various projects. Dn. Peter and I would take a sauna and Matushka would always have a wonderful lunch - where we would sit and talk for hours and I'd enjoy stories about days of yore. They were both such wonderful people: dignified, refined, noble, and pious! They both hold a special place in my heart.

May the Kingdom of Heaven be hers! May her Memory be Eternal!
Fr. John

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