Hon. Elaine J. McCoy, QC

07-Mar-1946 - 29-Dec-2020

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Posted by LETHA MACLACHLAN, Q. C. | 02-Jan-2021

Elaine and I first met 30+ years ago in Edmonton while she was with the AEUB. We formed a friendship and shared an interest in regulation of resource development over the decades. I'll miss your insights Elaine as well as your wonderful Christmas parties in Calgary.
Rest peacefully.

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Posted by Stockwell Day | 02-Jan-2021

We knew her as ‘The Real McCoy’.Even though we were both elected rookies in’86 she was much smarter than I and was a great help to me with her solid advice,especially when I was Min. of Labour. I have fond memories of late night conversations with her and Miles.She was part of that rare group of thinkers who could argue passionately on her side of the issue,disagreeing with you,but still maintaining respect and friendship.RIP Senator,and friend.

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Posted by Olga Voncina | 31-Dec-2020

I have very fond memories of Elaine & Miles during our lengthy friendship. I enjoyed all our election campaigns spent together and the many parties along the way. She always had time for her workers who she considered as friends.


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Posted by Gary Belecki Q.C. | 31-Dec-2020

It was an honour&privilegeto work with you in Calgary West as President,Regional director&VicePresident for Alberta P.C.Party.When I moved to CalgaryWest from N.E.Calgaryafter I met Samantha your warm welcome will never be forgotten!Elections we’re hard work but lots of fun with you.Samantha&I enjoyed dinners at your home so much with you&Miles!I will always remember the Queens dinner in Calgary!We were both born inBrandon and share the same birthday within a few hours of each other in 1946!God bless you.Rest well.Gary&Samantha Belecki Calgary

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Posted by Lori Williams | 31-Dec-2020

Elaine was a bright light, encouraging and challenging those she encountered. I was particularly impressed by her generosity in mentoring young people. She was a rare combination of intellectual acuity, openness and humanity. She will be missed, but her inspiration endures.

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Posted by Colin Deacon | 31-Dec-2020

Elaine was one of the first senators that I met following my appointment. To say that I had a “deer in the headlights” look about me would have been an understatement. Elaine was full of kind words, wise insights and confidence that I would find my way. I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to benefit from her kindness.

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Posted by Kathleen O'Grady | 31-Dec-2020

We lost a dear friend today.

In our household she was known simply as ‘Senadora.’ She was formidable, until the end.

She loved her whiskey straight, her cigarettes strong (before her health turned) and her politics, hard core. She liked people to speak their minds, and she liked free thinking eccentrics best.

She was sharp like cut glass and her genius dazzled — even in her later years when she became physically frail, her mind was strong and she worked as a sitting Senator right up to the end.

If she liked you, you knew it, and if she didn’t, you knew it too. I watched her eviscerate ambitious politicos with a single cutting remark, perfectly timed. She could be kind too, when and where it mattered.

She took me for a fancy dinner at the Parliamentary restaurant the day before centre block shuttered for a decade for renovations and she once invited me to the Speech from the Throne — just because she knew I’d love it.

We enjoyed her many Hill parties. You never knew who would turn up, depending on how hot and bothered Ottawa was at any given moment. That’s where my husband Mebs snapped a lovely shot of her and former Prime Minister Joe Clark having a private moment.

In the last few months, she called both me and Mebs to just chat politics. We often disagreed but we often agreed too and she’d regularly school us in Canadian political history.

She was a free spirit and an original thinker and our family will miss her. I loved her stubbornness and sharp wit best.

Canada lost a powerhouse.

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Posted by audrey mabee | 31-Dec-2020

A dear and supportive friend who accomplished so much in her lifetime. Elaine will be missed by so many....certainly, by me.

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Posted by Marty Klyne | 31-Dec-2020

I was saddened to learn that the Hon. Elaine McCoy has passed. I only met her a little over two years ago; thanks to the Hon. Grant Mitchell, Elaine was one of the first Senate colleagues I had met and we formed a friendship instantly. I always enjoyed our conversations which were never fleeting and more like a visit, no matter the subject. She was indeed a special lady with an inspiring balance of intellect and humour. She served Canada well and represented Alberta with a best foot forward and informed opinions, which she was not hesitant to share. As I read the tributes from Elaine’s family, friends and colleagues I am not surprised to learn that hers was a full life and one of service, love, kindness and excellence. The last conversation I had with Elaine was a telephone conversation this past summer and I must have addressed her as Senator McCoy or Ma’am to which she announced decisively that I must call her McCoy. To her family and friends, with my sincere condolences, may her beauty live on in your memories and bring you comfort and peace. Someone so special will not be forgotten. Rest in peace McCoy.

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Posted by Nancy Hartling | 31-Dec-2020

My deepest sympathy to Elaine ´s family and friends. Elaine welcomed me to the senate in 2016 and walked me down the aisle to be sworn in. Her commitment to the senate work even when she was ill is commendable.

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