Hon. Elaine J. McCoy, QC

07-Mar-1946 - 29-Dec-2020

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Posted by Darlene Hyde | 31-Dec-2020

I worked on Elaine's bid for the leadership of the Alberta Tories back in the early 90s. I will never forget the impact that she had on my life: her fierce tenacity, her wit, her ability to marshall arguments for the causes she believed in; and her essential decency and humanity. Although she lost that campaign we worked on together, she went on to become an extremely hardworking, independent and progressive Senator. Alberta and Canada are poorer for her passing. Adieu, Elaine.

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Posted by Mike Duffy | 31-Dec-2020

Hon. Elaine McCoy QC, was a fine person, a great Canadian, a proud Albertan and an outstanding Senator.
She was fearless in her defence of human rights and could always be counted on to stand up for the underdog.
I was blessed to have her as a friend. We need more women like her in Canada’s public life.
RIP, Elaine. Mike Duffy

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Posted by Mohamed Ravalia | 31-Dec-2020

Senator McCoy warmly welcomed me to the Senate when I was first appointed. I appreciated her advice and guidance as I navigated the complexities of the Red Chamber. Her brilliance and sharp wit defined her commitment to Canada. She will be sorely missed.

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Posted by Paul Griss | 31-Dec-2020

What a shock to hear this news. Elaine and I had spoken at length several times in recent weeks discussing her transition to life after the Senate in 2021. I met Elaine when I joined the Board of Directors of Climate Change Central in Alberta and we immediately became great friends and co-conspirators. Lately, she had been suggesting lots of issues that I should tackle, so I'd best get at them.

A personal story, though, best illustrates the esteem in which I held her. When my wife, Jan Damery, and I were planning our private wedding in our backyard in Canmore we needed someone to officiate. I discovered that serving Senators, MPs and MLAs could be appointed as a marriage commissioner for a day. Jan and I went to lunch with Elaine and asked her if she would do us the honour of conducting our marriage ceremony. Her first response was an incredulous "Can I do that?" and once I assured her that she could she was thrilled and did a tremendous job. This also provided me with a great story when Elaine and I were in social settings as I could inform people that Elaine "married me" :-)

Elaine will be tremendously missed by Jan and I.

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Posted by Pamela Patterson | 30-Dec-2020

Dear Elaine: What a joy you brought into my father's life. I know he has welcomed you back into his arms on the other side of the veil. All of our family loved the fly fishing and Christmas parties (especially after all the guests would leave and as a family we would talk into the late hours of the evening - encouraging thinking and many stories from Dad (Mother Miles)); times we all shared as a family. You warmly welcomed us into your life when you married Dad. How gorgeous you looked in the yellow outfit for the wedding. How you made sure everyone felt special in and out of the family. We will all miss you but know that you are now back with your soul mate. Dad, told me, he had never had that kind of closeness until you both met. I wish we all could have spent more time with you after his passing and due to your health, you were unable to make it back to us here in Calgary. I know that your niece and nephew will sorely miss you, Your family, as well for all of us in the nosrettap family). We did all love you as a special "Auntie, friend and grandmother" for what a great example you set for us all. We look for when our time comes to meet and be with you again. Love Pamela Patterson.

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Posted by Kim Pate | 30-Dec-2020

Heartfelt condolences to all who knew and loved Elaine. Her indomitable spirit will live on thanks both to her countless contributions and her influence on the efforts and ideas of those she mentored and inspired.

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Posted by David Tkachuk | 30-Dec-2020

Senator McCoy and I worked on many issues together in the Senate although rarely on the same side but when it came to defending the interests of Western Canada, which we both believed were in Canada's interest, we were always on the same side. She served her province and her country well. May God bless the Honourable Elaine McCoy. David Tkachuk

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Posted by Neris Havelock | 30-Dec-2020

Heartfelt sympathies to the family. From 1986 to 1993 I was privileged to work with an intelligent, passionate and thoughtful woman - Hon. Elaine McCoy. She was a great, classy leader and advocate for many including human rights for all. I recall how much she loved her family - with a soft spot for her niece and nephew. May you RIP Dear Elaine.

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Posted by Bradley Doyle | 30-Dec-2020

I only knew Senator McCoy for a few years, and while her physical health was on the decline, she still managed to maintain a smile, her sharp wit, and her tenacity. I appreciated the opportunity she gave me while I was still a student, the mentorship, and the genuine interest she showed in my life (especially my cats!). She will be missed.

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Posted by Randy Dawson | 30-Dec-2020

Both Rudy and myself had the pleasure of her friendship over many years. She was a very special person and an outstanding public servant. Elaine will be missed by many whose lives she made better.

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