Orpha Clare Parfett (Tom)

23-Apr-1919 - 09-May-2020

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Posted by BRADFORD ARMSTRONG | 20-May-2020

To you Blair and your family –
My thoughts are with you. I know how ‘Time’ means changes. I have seen over the last fifty years how much you have done for your Mother.
I remember years ago how we would kid each other that your Mom would want you to play ‘Yellow Bird’ on the organ when her friends were over to visit.
Of course, that was really just a part of how proud she was of you and how proud she was of her family!
Orpha was a very classy, respectful, kind, giving, interested, thoughtful and caring woman – she had the qualities we could all look up to. I know that is a lot of adjectives but your Mom has been an amazing role model. I realize I was very lucky to know her through you!
And I know you and your family will keep that memory going into the future. Sometime we should sit down and you can play me all her favorite songs! My Best to all your family!

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Posted by Marge Mero | 20-May-2020

We visited with Orpha in 2005 or so at her home in Calgary. She was such a lovely person and so hospitable. She fixed a dessert for us which I thought was so yummy so she sent the recipe home with me. Mine didn't have her special touch and was not nearly as tasty. She and I exchanged emails with genealogy information and photos. We also exchanged Christmas letters each year. Orpha loved to share, especially notes of marriages and grandchildren. She truly loved her family. Blair helped me talk to Orpha on her 100th birthday. That was such a treat. I thank him for that.

Through marriage, my husband, Gordon Mero, is her 1st cousin once removed. Jack's mother and Gordon's mother were sisters. I am sharing a photo of Jack, Therma (Salter) Mero, and Orpha taken in Canada July 1986. Jack and Orpha also visited the Salters in Spokane, Washington.

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Posted by Randy Scotland | 15-May-2020

My sincerest condolences to Blair, my good friend from our school days together in Calgary, and to the rest of the family at the passing of your Mom. She was a grand and kind woman, and will be missed by a wide circle of friends who were touched by her thoughtfulness.

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Posted by Gladys Teske | 15-May-2020

The last time I saw Orpha was the summer of 2012...at our mutual friend's funeral in Calgary...Joe (Walter) Nolan. She was there in a wheelchair, but chipper and as beautiful as ever! It was so good to see her, again.
I stayed with Orpha, Jack and family, in Edmonton, one winter when I was attending U of A with my friend Shirley (Jack's sister). I often recall the wonderful family meals and discussions around the table. Orpha made me feel like one of the family.
We also received Orpha's wonderfully detailed, handwritten letters at Christmas. Even well into her nineties. She was one of my 'mentors'...or 'models' I used in my own life.
My sympathies go out to her family and friends.

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Posted by Jocelyn Lockyer | 15-May-2020

Orpha was just down the hall at Brentwood from my mother, Margaret Lockyer. They sat at the same dining room table. I got to know Orpha a bit. She told me about her sister, graduating from nursing school in the 40's, the houses and communities she lived in in Calgary. I will remember her quiet demeanor and her patience. Also her love for cheese--which she had to remove from the bread (sandwiches) at supper. I cheered when she got to 100. May she rest in peace.

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Posted by Donna Wild | 14-May-2020

I am so sad to hear the news about Auntie Orpha. I have always admired her for being such a strong, caring and independent woman. I have memories of her in a white cowboy hat and cowboy boots celebrating the Stampede every summer and then switching to football gear to cheer on the Stampeders each fall. She and Uncle Jack were always ready to welcome guests into their home to join in the celebrations. I was very lucky to have stayed with them a few summers while taking courses at the UofC.

I also remember Aunt Orpha's thoughtfulness as she remembered each sibling, out-law (as the Parfetts' referred to their spouses!), friend, neighbor, niece and nephew on our birthdays with cards and handwritten letters and even money when we were younger.

Aunt Orpha was so proud of her family and loved sharing news and photos in her annual Christmas letters.

I'm also remembering Boler trailers, china tea cups, organ music, stories of family travel to Old Faithful and other exciting US destinations, "Happy, Happy" Parfett gatherings, stories of her nursing coworkers and reunions, and basement slide shows!

Sending love and prayers, Donna Wild (McFadyen)

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Posted by Gail Gillis | 14-May-2020

So sorry to hear of Aunt Orpha's passing. She was a wonderful woman.

I will always remember her witty handwritten Christmas letters. She used every inch on the paper even writing vertically up the sides to squeeze in one more tidbit of information. They were always amusing.

Whenever the Parfett brothers and sisters got together there would be so much love and laughter and fun.

We will not forget her. Our thoughts are with Rod, Craig and Blair at this sad time. With Love Gail Gillis

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