Patrick John Power

25-Mar-1940 - 05-Oct-2018

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Posted by Eric Guenette | 28-Oct-2018

I am very thankful that I got to know Pat in some capacity through Shannon. We even got to enjoy a nice Disney cruise some years back. I do clearly remember a time when my kids were quite young, and I was driving my kids to school. It was one of the coldest days of the year. We were driving from timmies and my transmission ceized and my car was sitting on a street unable to move. By the looks of people’s faces as they were annoyed driving around my car. But...that freezing morning...a van pulled up with the window down. It was Pat! He offered a warm vehicle for the kids and drove them to school. As I waited for the tow truck, he immediately returned to offer warmth and conversation. Once the car was towed away, he drove me home and offered his vehicle if the need arises while my car was being repaired. This is the standout man he was. Always lending a hand, The things he did for his family were exemplary. You will be greatly missed! Thank you!

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Posted by Johanna Darbyson | 12-Oct-2018

Having known Pat for more than 49 years, there are so many memories to choose from that I could use up this whole guest book. My kids loved him and knew that he loved them (he gave each of them a personally customized walking stick). To visit Pat and Helen’s home with grandchildren was always a delight for them, since Pat turned their back yard into a playground that was also inhabited by numerous fairyland creatures, carved by him. You never knew when The “Unknown Poet” would present you with a poem he had composed just for you, or have you guess which of the characters in the children’s book he had written was based on you. I edited one of his books and wanted him to submit it to a publisher. But he was more interested in leaving his writing as a legacy for his beloved grandchildren.
My oldest granddaughter shared Pat’s love of whittling, and sent me this message when she learned of his passing -
“I feel very lucky to have his whittling tools that he sent me and will always remember our whittling convos that we had these past couple of years. He was so funny!” She learned a few days ago that while in the hospital he was carving a crocodile that she had asked him to do.
Pat is a truly unique man whose creativity and love of family knows no bounds. He will be truly missed. Rest In Peace, dear friend.

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Posted by Paula Coote | 12-Oct-2018

Pat, or as I called you "Canada". Some of the things that I will never forget about you are (in no particular order) Your grand speech at Shannon and Tom's wedding you had us all laughing at how you were so glad that he was HANDY! You taking the time to come to my mom's celebration of life it made my dad so happy and the fact that you did not seem surprised when my sister Jocelyn and I crashed Shannon and Tom's wedding you just took it in stride and smiled. I do believe that it is your smile and the cheeky way you called me "Australia" that I will miss most. Rest in peace Pat and know that you will be forever missed.

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Posted by Stephanie Isovski | 11-Oct-2018

I'm am so deeply saddened by this. Pat was an amazing neighbor who always stopped and spoke with me, asking about the kids and how they were all doing.He always had a smile on his face and a funny little story to tell. Often showing me the beautiful and intricate walking sticks that he hand crafted, and which we all admired.I am so sorry for your families loss. We all adored Pat and will miss him terribly. If there is anything we can do for you Helen, please do not hesitate.

Stephanie, Sam, Niko, Alex, Matt and Tori.

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