Dr. Lynn Margaret Marshall


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Posted by Jill Barnes | 15-Jul-2022

Her Environmental Clonic gave my Dr. a long history of my ME/CFS & FM which my Dr. found very helpful in my care. So sad to here of her passing. She was a great woman. RIP & Thank you.

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Posted by Danielle Castonguay | 30-Apr-2022

Elle aura marqué nos vies, nous aura donné de l'espoir face à une maladie qui nous isole. Elle fut généreuse, éclairée et dévouée.

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Posted by Linda Gibson | 25-Apr-2022

Love lynne

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Posted by Leslirae Rotor | 22-Apr-2022

I am in shock to hear of Lynn's passing. She was such an integral and important part of the community of persons with environmental sensitivities. She was always cheerful, kind, knowledgeable, helpful, and devoted to the cause of this very marginalized group. In the early 90s we worked together briefly on the Hospital Guidelines for persons with environmental sensitivities. Later, I remember when Women's College Hospital Environmental Health Clinic was finally opened in the late 90s, after decades of advocacy for at least one government funded clinic for persons with environmental sensitivities in Ontario, in a sea of health facilities that lacked any knowledge of, often discriminated against, and frequently were inaccessible to people with environmental sensitivities. It was such a relief. safety and comfort when we found out that Lynn was going to be a key staff person there because we knew she could not only be trusted, but also was so knowledgeable and devoted, and the clinic would be truly beneficial. She was truly the most perfect choice for the clinic as it commenced.

I remember calling the Clinic in 2013, in desperation, as another hospital was in the process of killing my environmentally sensitive daughter, and I didn't know how to get through to Lynn. Surprisingly, she answered the phone herself, saying "Lynn here", and I said in surprise, "Lynn Marshall?!" and she said "yes, its me". As always, Lynn was immensely kind and helpful.

The loss of Lynn to the community of people with environmental sensitivities is irreparable. She will not be forgotten.

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Posted by Karen Robinson | 22-Apr-2022

Oh no. This is bad news. Some people hold a special place that anchors the rest of us. Lynn was one of those. Solid, compassionate, intelligent, discerning, kind, and skilled. I would marvel that she always took time to respond when I reached out for a balanced and knowledgeable voice on whatever crisis or project was needing it. We in Nova scotia who worked on issues to support citizens with Environmental Illness or with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and on Healthy Schools issues, remain grateful for her presence over many years. I am now retired as president of CASLE (Canadians for A Safe Learning Environment) but I would like to express to her family our deep appreciation for her presence and guidance over the years.

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Posted by Gordon Steene | 21-Apr-2022

So many wonderful words to describe Lynn in this tribute page and during the celebration of her life. What can I add. I was grateful to pass on my condolences in person to Larry, Brian and Tom this past weekend, as well as Dave, Greg, Doug and family. I must also give my sincere sympathies to Larry’s clan. They have clearly been great support during challenging times for Lynn and Larry, but more so, as active participants in their wonderful active lives with huge bonds to Lynn like my own.

For me, Lynn and I were the youngest and oldest children of the very tight clan glued together by the love our mothers June and auntie Noie (Lynn’s mom Lenore). She, and Larry, have always been part of my security blanket and high quality family life. Lynn always reminded me of the highest standard in Love. She was a beautiful person and I will alway remember her fondly and miss her dearly.

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Posted by yvon helen hemsol | 20-Apr-2022

Despite how long Lynn Marshall had been working on the issue of environmental sensitivities she was always upbeat about it all while recognize our serious struggle. For some of us working on this issue for 40 years or so it is a long struggle. She is sorely missed.

While many say they are accommodating of persons with Environmental Sensitivities, in reality they are not, or not fully if it does not suit there convenience. Dr Marshall was never like that-if we worked on projects with her, she was also always accommodating and would say we get to so and so later on the list of things to address. I have kept an incoming voice mail from some time ago--she was always so cheerful and knowledgeable, so upbeat in difficult circumstances while fully acknowledging the circumstances of the struggle. We have lost both a leader and a solider working in the trenches with the passing of Lynn. My since sympathy to her family, and all you have worked at the Environmental Health Clinic at WCH, presently and in the past. Yvon Helen Hemsol

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Posted by Sarah Selke | 20-Apr-2022

Much has been said already of Lynn's bright, resilient spirit; she approached life with a joie-de-vivre and grace that will be sorely missed. She also was an immense source of knowledge and experience for those of us who had the pleasure of her mentorship. As one of her first medical "fellows" in the Enhanced Skills Program of Clinical Environmental Health, I will always strive to achieve the standard of compassion and empathy for others that she modeled every day. My prayers and condolences go out to Larry and her family.

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Posted by Andy Buffam | 19-Apr-2022

Pat and I were so sorry to hear of Lynn’s passing. We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to Larry, Tom and Brian. Lynn was a very kind lady and was always willing to help people in their times of need. She had a great sense of humour and very positive attitude. We were very fortunate to have shared many wonderful times together while she lived in Arnprior.

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Posted by Joseph Morgan | 19-Apr-2022

An esteemed and honored colleague, possessed of a wealth of knowledge and a kind an sympathetic heart. An irreplaceable person. My deepest sympathy and condolences to her family and friends

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