Heidi Stevenson

11-Jul-1971 - 19-Apr-2020

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Posted by Glenn Rhoades | 16-Oct-2022

I just came across this fallen hero this October morning, 2022. I am always in quiet reflection when I think about those who have dedicated their lives to the protection and defense of those in need. God Bless Heidi and her family and may they know that no amount of time or distance can erase the memories of Heidi and her family's sacrifice for the good of her community. Lakewood, Colorado.

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Posted by Robert Styles | 30-Jun-2022

When I saw Heidi's picture after she died I remembered seeing her on T.V. doing RCMP media briefings but I knew I had seen her before that. I am an overnight Security Guard at Cole Harbour Place and helped get the building ready for the Regimental Memorial that was held at Cole Harbour Place on June 29, 2022 and watched the service online at home and when I saw that she graduated from Acadia University in 1993 I remembered where I saw her before. I was at Acadia University for 1 semester from September to December, 1992 (I would later return there to do a Master of Diviniy in Pastoral Counselling in 2000; a Diploma in Prison Ministry in 2001; and an M.A. in Theology in 2010). I saw her all the time in those 3 months in 1992 and I remember her smile and seeing her with Campus Police.

When the Matheson boy went missing from Acadia University in September, 1992 the entire Acadia University and Wolfville community were shocked. I am sure Heidi was involved in the search. RIP from a fellow Acadia Alumni.

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Posted by Liliane Flinn | 23-Apr-2022

I continue to pray for the family, friends and colleagues of Heidi Stevenson. She will never be forgotten.

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Posted by Erin Carr | 01-Jan-2022

I'm still stunned on the news of the passing of Mrs Stevenson.its not easy my father was an RCMP officer also.the Niagara and Hamilton detachment.regiment number 29968. Robert Paul Carr. R.I.P. both these angels.many years of dedicated services.

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Posted by Donna Dodds | 14-Nov-2020

I did not know Cst. Heidi Stevenson, but may she r.i.p. She was a true heroine giving her life in the line of duty. I am making a small donation to the RCMP Foundation in her honor. My condolences to her family. Blessings..from Black Creek, B.C. where I am so blessed to live looking up to Mt. Washington from this view from my place.saying prayers daily first thing each morning looking up to this mountain..it has such a spiritual feel to it ~ I mentioned this to a neighbor one time and she felt the very same way, she said. May Cst. Stevenson's family stay well..will keep them in my prayers.. (My late Father was in the Marine Division of the R.C.M.P. up on the West Coast ~ on the PB Ganges-MP97..as Chief Engineer.)

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Posted by David Block | 27-Jun-2020

Hi David I just spoke to my son Ben who told me of the connection I did not know. My deepest sympathy. I think I have her picture, one with Avon and Mia, one on her own, and the third of you playing your sax in the field, which I find comforting. They are bigger than I can enclose here, I can email them if you want. Please take care

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Posted by chris knight | 02-Jun-2020

Rest Easy Young Sister #34935

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Posted by Don and Pamela Adams(Bechtel) | 17-May-2020

We are very heartbroken from your loss of Heidi. We never had the privilege to meet her, but she was an extremely courageous and brave young women. Our sincere condolences to her family.

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Posted by Crystal Nowe | 12-May-2020

My heart is broken, like so many others, as we try to come to grips with such a tragedy. Even though her life was cut short, Heidi was lucky enough to meet and marry someone she loved, give birth to two amazing children whom she adored and experience motherhood. And finally, to spend her life working in a career she committed her life to. You, her family, gave her an amazing life. She will always be with you, watching over you, smiling, because you gave her so much to be happy about. We are all so proud of her. Spread your wings, special angel.

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Posted by helen brown | 10-May-2020

A poem for Ava & Connor on Mother's Day.


A black horse

nostrils flaring

darting eyes

head tossing side to side

She heard you whisper Kito

the whites simply left her eyes

with her trembling body too

She pawed the earth and waited

then lowered her head to Yours

You looked into each other's eyes

she nuzzled you with love

Courageously You mounted

In silence trotted on

Your heart reins led to children

You felt unending love

In the silence Kito nickered

You cantered up the path

She slowed each time

You gently asked

to turn around again

You squeezed into a gallop

imagining your children's hugs

Time stood still to dismount

Kito joined up at your side

You felt Kito's neck, so level to her back

The headache felt by two

You soothed her pain in a favourite game

with her tail lifted up very high

22 kind Souls surrounded you

as You and Kito shared a breath

Courageously You felt

Horses Wings upon Your back.

With Love & Sympathy,

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