Alice Wanda Nephin (née Land)

26-Mar-1941 - 28-Sep-2020

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Posted by Callan Kostick | 09-Oct-2020

Alice and Jack were the best neighbours we've ever had. Our friendship started with me leaving a bag of muffins on their side of the fence, which confused both of them until they went out to see what it was! They absolutely loved our dog, giving him his favourite treat every time he was nearby. He used to run to their back door and wait for one of them to let him in and share some cashews. She would greet him with, 'hello friend'. I can hear her voice in my head greeting him; she was always so happy to see us and help out with Cabbage.

She invited us to family dinners and we had many impromptu over-the-fence chats, as well as solving the problems of the world in their sunny kitchen window. Alice always made me feel welcome and loved. She would get me talking about my life and shared parts of hers back. I consider her a treasured friend. I love that she would tease Bryce about the way he did things, it always made us both feel part of the family.

I know I will not have the pleasure of meeting another neighbour as special as Alice. I count myself so grateful for the 5 years we shared with both Alice and Jack.

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Posted by Kay Nephin | 04-Oct-2020

Alice was a very special and caring person,I feel honoured to have known her. Being sisters-in-law we had many special talks together and I will miss her.

Barry & Brenda your Mom loved and was very proud of you kids, and her grandkids too she talked of you all the time. I’m grateful for how special she treated mine and Adrian’s children and all the memories we’ve made.

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Posted by Shelagh & David Kinzer | 04-Oct-2020

We feel so blessed to of had the wonderful experience of having Alice in our life. Alice was Mom and Grandmother to one of the most wonderful, close and caring families we have ever met. Though your presence will be truly missed, we know you will be still watching over the wonderful family, that you and Jack have created.

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Posted by Michael McPherson | 04-Oct-2020

I grew up next door to Jack and Alice, they were great neighbors and she was one of my Mom's best friends. Alice was almost like a second Mom to us growing up and I spent many hours in her yard and house, mostly chasing the cat :)

She will be dearly missed. I am so sorry for your loss.

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Posted by Aaron Robinson | 04-Oct-2020

Alice was a mother of all mothers..... Barry and I have been best friends for over 40 years and she welcomed me with open arms and a love I could never understand as a child. As a teen and as an adult I and my extended family became more of a family than I could of hoped for. Alice created a life time of memories with me, my marital family and with her family... Time may separate us physically, but spiritually you are always with us Ms. Nephin... yes it was weird to call her Alice as an adult... Love you ! ... Miss you so much !

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Posted by Marcella Smith | 04-Oct-2020

We will miss you Aunt Alice. May you rest in peace.

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Posted by Chester and Nicole Schwaier and de la Harpe | 03-Oct-2020

The memories of our loved ones keep them with us forever in our hearts and minds. Our loving thoughts are with you all during this difficult time.

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