Robert Ian Dudley Riches

22-Apr-1946 - 27-Jun-2021

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Posted by John & Mandy Reid | 05-Jul-2021

My wife and I became friends with Rob and Ellen about 11 years ago in Wasaga Beach, ON. We particularly enjoyed going to a pub quiz each Wednesday with them and even did one together in England when we all happened to be in Croydon at the same time (see photo below).

Rob was in a class of his own but never left anyone feeling they weren't good enough and we learned many things from Rob regarding the world, the universe and some of the more spiritual aspects we were trying to grasp at the time.

One thing I will never forget Rob saying was after chatting about the state of the world, the human psyche, where is it going to end up, are we inherently good or bad as humans, Rob said nothing can improve until there is a raise in the collective consciousness! He was right and I have borrowed that line many times.

As we look at our lives and learn increasingly more to value the precious little time we have with family and friends, we certainly appreciate the wonderful times we shared with Rob (and Ellen), they were always something special and we feel blessed to have experienced those times.

RIP and thanks for everything Rob.

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Posted by Michael Hatch | 03-Jul-2021

Although for most of the time that we knew Robert, we lived at opposite ends of the country, I did get to play a round of golf with him some years ago, when they were living in Wasaga Beach. So we should add golf to his list of hobbies.

Robert and I met halfway, at a course somewhere around King and the 400. The game itself was not spectacularly memorable as neither of us were in the running for a place in the PGA. But somehow we ended up with more golf balls than when we started. I'm sure this was a nod to both of our Scottish ancestries. Rob certainly had enthusiasm for the task. We may have broken even on the Green fees and I shared in the bounty.

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Posted by Dave Gurd | 01-Jul-2021

Worked with Rob during his years at TRIUMF.A wonderful colleague. He tutored my daughter in high school math, and "got her through." But my favourite memory is watching Rob in full (and absurd) costume wearing angel wings as he sang in the chorus of a production of The Gondoliers. Much teasing ensued... He will be missed.

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Posted by Dawn Rayner | 01-Jul-2021

I met Rob just after my own profound spiritual awakening and was so happy to meet a “scientific “ man that was so in touch with his spiritual being. Most of the men in my life at that time though I had lost my mind but Rob really understood. He was a very kind man and I enjoyed many conversations with him exploring what it is to be human!
He was a tower of strength for my dear friend Ellen and will be missed terribly her and all who knew him.

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Posted by Sally Kenny | 01-Jul-2021

I remember Rob cutting up bacon and cooking it in a saucepan. I have done that alot ever since.

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Posted by Lorraine Jensen | 30-Jun-2021

My favourite memory of Rob was when he was driving me home from Victoria airport, I was injured and the car broke down. He was a kind, funny brilliant man And, my favourite thing, that happened that day, was his sense of love and service to his family. Be blessed, Rob, wherever you are. ❤️❤️And, He knows that Ellen is loved by so many and will be loved from this side. ❤️❤️

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