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Prayer for the Humboldt Broncos
A prayer for the hockey boys who are heading home tonight
to play hockey with the Angels in Heaven's loving light.
A prayer for their families too who need our warm embraces
 their boys head up to Heaven to teach the Angels how to skate.

Words are few, thoughts are deep
Memories of you we will always keep

Posted by Isabella Moretto | 06-Apr-2020

This day is probably one of the hardest days to think about hockey, 16 beautiful souls lost their lives on this day 2 years ago. All of those boys had dreams of making it to the NHL, they had a passion and a love for the sport. I hope they all are in heaven, playing the game they love. For anyone who loves hockey you know how much this day hurts, such innocent beautiful lives were lost 2 years ago today. I hope everyone’s family is being strong and knows that God is taking care of them up in heaven, know that everything happens for a reason and we might not know why but it happens. Be strong and know that the boys love you so much. To everyone please remember this day, continue to play the game you love and enjoy and always be Humbolt Strong💚💛

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Posted by Kim Phillips | 25-Apr-2018

My heart broke this tragic day my heart goes out to all the team members families and all involved in whatever way prayers and sincere condolences

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