Humboldt Broncos

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Posted by Kim Phillips | 25-Apr-2018

My heart broke this tragic day my heart goes out to all the team members families and all involved in whatever way prayers and sincere condolences

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Posted by Gary Selby | 23-Apr-2018

My name is Gary Selby. My brother died in November, young and

needlessly. There is nothing in this life that ever prepares you to go

through this. I here have written a few words to the families and the

people of Humboldt. I hope that they help. Thank you.

To Humboldt, Broncos and Family.

If death is a debt that we all must pay, then they paid theirs long

before they owed it.

In the long and sometimes tragic history of our country.

Canada has seen the very best of her youth leave the bonds and warmth

of family, never to return home again.

They represented us as a nation and a people by playing the game

that has come to symbolize every good thing about Canada. In every

city and town across this vast land of ice and snow. In their efforts,

in their achievements. In their dreams and in their acts of camaraderie

one onto another.

In their families who were so blessed to have taken the journey through

life with them. We are so thankful for they have left us so rich in

blessing for us having known them. They are the few jewels that this

life brings.

To one another they were friend, teammate, brother. They lived, played

and traveled on the long and lonely roads together.

We will hear their voices still as long as there lives a dream.

The early morning practice, the banged up shins. The sounds of a puck

reverberating off of a stick. These sounds heard again and again in every

corner of our land, on every kind of ice. The sharing from the families

welcoming them into their homes. The long bus rides.

They were promise. In the eyes of the Mothers and the Fathers for the
future. To experience the moments of joy. To laugh with family and

friends. To reach for their goals and then achieve them.

To see the wonders of this world and do their part in making this world

a better place. To fall in love, to raise a family. To walk the path in

life that we all must take. Live a long life, to grow old.

As we move forwards from this place in time. As the coming days turn

into weeks, then into months. The years begin to pass and we live out

the moments of our lives. Let us promise them this one thing.

That we shall never forget who they were, who they loved and who loved them.

This is now our duty as a people and a nation to always remember them.

To look for them in the rising of the sun and its promise of a new day,

They will be there. Look for them in the rustling of the wind, in the warmth

of the sunshine, they will be there. Look for them in the stillness of the

night. In the quite moments of your heart. In the hours of loneliness and

despair, they will be there. When you move on and grow. Learn to be happy,

smile again. Once more enjoying life's precious moments, of love and family.

Look for them and they will be there.

Gary Selby

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Posted by Lori Howe | 23-Apr-2018

Sending love, hugs & prayers to all the families that have lost a loved one in this tragedy. I didn't know any of them but I wish I did. I have a OHL hockey team where I live that is the same age as the Broncos, a few yrs ago we lost a player to suicide that was hard enough on us. I can't imagine what you guys are going through. Just know the world is grieving with all of you, your not alone. Feel our strength, lots of love & prayers from Michigan♡♡♡
We will always be #Humboldtstrong

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Posted by Marina Schamann | 21-Apr-2018

Our heartfelt condolences and love to all of those who have lost a loved one and strenght and love to those that have survived this tragedy. Our love, thoughts, prayers and strength to everyone that has been impacted...the survivors, lost lives, families, billet families, friends, first responders, hospital medical teams, communities....the list goes on. Too many young lives lost and their legacy will live on! They were as one team on earth and they will be one team in the skies of heaven! Our hockey sticks are on the front porch for them! To the survivors, stay strong and close to one another. The world has shared in the sorrow of the past two weeks and Canadians have shown their support and love from Niagara Falls displaying the Humboldt colours, the Snow Birds, Jersey Day, House of Commons moment of silence and wearing jerseys, fundraising...the list goes on. The hockey family is a very special and tight community and we are there for each other. We have three sons who are the same ages as the Humboldt young men and they have played hockey for many years. I have shed tears every day as a "hockey mom" for all of you. You are not alone in the grief and the long road ahead of you. I hope the strength, love, thoughts and prayers from everyone will be a shoulder you can cry on and lean on and carry you through all of this. One day at a time. Love and hugs from our family in London, ON.

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Posted by Melissa Tuttosi | 20-Apr-2018

I would like to offer my most sincere condolences to the families who lost someone in this tragedy. This tragedy has affected the community of Humboldt, the province of Saskatchewan, the country, and the hockey family worldwide. I have never seen such a global outpouring of support as I have in the wake of this accident. We cried tears with you over this loss and we will continue to grieve with you. Please know that you are in our thoughts and your loved ones will never be forgotten. Every time we put on our Humboldt Strong T-shirts or see car decals or pins, we will remember those we have lost.

I would also like to offer my best wishes for those with family still recovering. They have a long, hard road ahead of them, but they are strong and resilient and they will make it through.

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Posted by Elise, Faizah & Saleh Tuttosi | 20-Apr-2018

From my children and I , our deepest sympathy goes out to all of the families involved. An unimaginable tragedy and loss that words cannot described. We send our thoughts, love and hugs to all. Stay strong you have an entire country behind you. With love from Regina. #HumboldtStrong

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Posted by Linda Shutiak | 20-Apr-2018

Please accept my heartfelt sympathy to all affected by this horrible tragedy. I was born in Humboldt, many years ago...I feel a connection to your community. I live in Vernon BC now - there are many Broncos tributes all over town.
I lost my dad suddenly...he was killed by a drunk driver 35 years ago. So I have an idea of what you're going through. The shock will wear off eventually, & the media attention will slow down & funerals will be over. But there are survivors to pray for, along with the first responders...and their family & friends. And there will come a time when remembering your loved ones will bring smiles along with tears. So take this opportunity to hold your family & friends closer that ever. And keep a very special place in your heart for all your precious memories, and they will be with you always. Sending BIG HUGS to everyone...I will keep you in my prayers.

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Posted by Kathy Olson | 19-Apr-2018

Sending (((((HUGS)))) to ALL Involved!! This Accident SHOOK Our Whole Nation to the Core. It makes My HEART Smile when I look at All the People with MEMORIES outside. With Hockey Sticks, wreaths and Ribbons!!
Thanks Guys U did a Great Job here on Earth!!

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Posted by Marlowe & Connie Dyck | 19-Apr-2018

A teardrop on earth summons the King of Heaven. The Lord takes note of our inner friction when hard times are oiled by tears. He turns these situations into moments of tenderness: He never forgets those crises in our lives where tears were shed.
~ Charles Swindoll
Keeping you in our prayers........

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Posted by Jane Weber | 19-Apr-2018

I grew up in Muenster, the community next to Humboldt. My Dad and brother refereed many Bronco games, my Dad also was very involved in the sports community, we spent lots of time in Humboldt and I have many family members that still live in Humboldt and Muenster. I cannot describe the grief and sadness we are feeling. My heart and prayers go out to all the families, friends and the communities affected by this tragic accident that has taken so many lives. Know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers, may the wonderful memories of your loved ones help sustain you through such a sad time. #Humboldt Strong.

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