Evelyn Downe

04-Apr-1934 - 31-May-2018

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Posted by Victor Caspary | 18-Jun-2018

While I was working on my graduate degree for Al at Queen's,Ev eventually persuaded me to try teaching at SLC. Little did I realize that my office would be a"Bullpen" shared by other newbies. I survived and thrived under her guidance and concern. One of my best memories was of our ordering a grand piano from purchasing because of Ev's love of music. Fortunately for us, the purchasing agent phoned Ev to ask what an Ocelot was, that Al Clark and I had also included in our list. Ev somewhat regretfully scolded us and cancelled the two items. However she never quite forgot the the idea of having her own grand piano.
All my love and affection,

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Posted by Diane Litchfield | 16-Jun-2018

Ev and I were office mates for many years in the Human Studies Department at St. Lawrence College. I valued her friendship and wisdom. She told me 2 stories from her childhood. Ev thought that the Lord's Prayer included a special verse about her: "save us from Eva". And, one Sunday when standing decorously next to her father after Sunday service, she smiled sweetly when introduced to someone and said, "Hello, p**p-head". I have thought of Ev many times over the years since we both retired and moved away from Kingston. She will always be remembered.

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