Gord Downie

06-Feb-1964 - 17-Oct-2017

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Posted by Steven Bruce | 22-Jul-2018

You told us 18 year old kids when you offered us a beer and we told you we couldn’t because we skipped school and went to your concert at Massey Hall and had to be back the next day in North bay for a test “You guys are the Greatest! Beers next time we meet!” Had become one of the the top five things I kept in my head for a long time. When we did finally get er done, another mud slide attraction as you called it, you said “sit here enjoy the beer and glad to know you past the test!” In other times you remembered who I was in a crowd of many and made me feel at home the Canadian way ( front door is unlocked. If hungry cook enough for the band as well!) Podcasts are helping to remember not just you my “🇨🇦Brother” but my Mom whom admired your talent and thoughts as we all did and I think of you two having a conversation some day up above! Missing what you would charge me out with next and enjoying what has been apart of my family’s life. IGWT!

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Posted by merle machinine | 13-Feb-2018

RIP Gord, You and the Hip have filled my life with so many great memories. I know your spirit is now in a good place and I will try my best to honour your legacy and the example you showed and the way you lived your life. Here is the 1 and only pic I have of you and me. I will always cherish it. This was at Altin BC 2015.

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Posted by Penny Westcott | 07-Dec-2017

Rest in peace Gord. You are so missed by this whole Country. My condolences to the Downie family. I hope that you can find some comfort in knowing that Gord was truly loved by this entire Country. The Hip's music will live on forever. I was lucky enough to see them several times, my favourite one being back in the 1980's at a small bar in Hamilton, Ontario called Dallas. Best show ever. I was in love with right from that day . It's hard to believe Gord is gone but he is smiling from above and will watch over you. Until we meet again. Thank you Gord xo

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Posted by Terri Taylor | 24-Nov-2017

As a former Kingstonian I witnessed the rise of the Tragically Hip in the late '80's, early 90's. I saw them in concert twice, both times at Fort Henry and remained a fan ever since. I remember driving down Princess St or along Rideau street in Kingston, when a Hip song would come on the radio and I would crank it loud & roll down the windows and sing along. Many times I would see Gord & the Guys "out & about" in Kingston, at the Keg, Zap Records or just out strolling around and then years later I had the honour of serving them at my cash at the downtown Barrack St. LCBO. I remember feeling especially "hometown proud" when the Tragically Hip received the "Key to Mexico City" in the early 90's. Then there was the induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, WOW! When The Hip announced their tour in 2016, tickets sold out quick and were exorbitantly priced. I remember hearing that The Hip were astonished to find out that even THEY couldn't buy a ticket to their own concert! I am ever so grateful that Gord D, Robby, Gord S., Paul & Johnny generously arranged for CANADA as a Nation to watch them in Concert on August 20, 2016. I now reside in Barrie Ontario and I went down to the Barrie Waterfront to play my part in "History". What an amazing memory to cherish for the rest of my life!! Gord & the Guys brought Canada together as a Nation in one spectacular "Love In"!!! For anyone who is Spiritually minded and is aware of the Earth's "vibrations & frequencies", The Tragically Hip definitely elevated the vibration and the frequencies of Earth that night!! Thanks for the music Gord, your lyrics will resonate with me forever. To Gord's Family & Bandmates, he came to Earth on a mission and he achieved it. He will be missed yet we can all take solace in knowing that his music will live on forever...."Hey, Man, THANKS!"....Rest easy Gord, You have earned your wings!

Terri Taylor , Barrie Ontario
P.S. I now have several pairs of socks all different colours & styles that I have sewn together and I wear around my neck, to keep my neck warm. Thanks for starting a "cool trend" Gord! I hope others follow suit. xo

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Posted by Jeff Obrecht | 19-Nov-2017

My vision is not of Gord walking amongst the stars. My vision is of Gord dancing amongst the stars, entertaining all of those who are watching him, spreading joy and love. Much as he did here in this life, he continues to bring peace and love in the next life.
We are blessed to be able to say that we were here at the same time as him. The impression he has left will be with me for the rest of my days. I know in my heart that one day Gord and I will get to dance one more time together like we have done on many occasions in the past.
My heartfelt condolences to the Downie family, I am sure this must be a very difficult time.

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Posted by Kathleen Spurgeon | 17-Nov-2017

Al Purdy and The Hotel Quinte xo

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Posted by Roxanne Barnes | 17-Nov-2017

I was fortunate enough to see Gord Downie and Tragically Hip a few times. I enjoyed his music. He was a great musician. Gord may be gone but he will never be forgotten. His legend will last until eternity. May you rest in peace Gord!

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Posted by Wendy Bowcott | 15-Nov-2017

I was always a fan of the music and the man behind it however, it became personal when Gord was diagnosed with the same cancer my 25 year old daughter Natasha died from in 2005.

When the tour was announced I could not get a ticket however, that was really a after thought.

What was foremost in my mind was how he was going to do a tour as sick as he was at that time.

I am not sure if people fully comprehend how incredibly difficult in every way from the physical to the mental and emotional that was for him to do.

The diseaese is inscidious and so unpredictable and this man pulled it off beautifully.

I do not know if there are surviving parents.

If so there is nothing worse in this life then for a parent to lose a child. Nothing.

So if there is surviving parents my heart goes out to you.

We have lost a icon and a legend .

You have lost someone and something so much more precious.

Love and healing thoughts go out to all of the family and close friends who are hurting and have lost so much XO

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Posted by Patricia Dawson | 15-Nov-2017

Hi: I really enjoyed his music especially the song bobcagoon it lifts my spirits to hear this song. We take my son fishing up north there and we enjoyed time there fishing with him. My husband and I watched the concert in Kingston first time we seen them in concert and it was amazing.. we enjoyed every song. I couldn't believe he was singing and dancing around and having so much fun knowing he had cancer and was not well. What a wonderful caring person to help the native people's too.. A True Canadian loved by many .. Every time I hear a song on the radio by the hip I turn it up! Thanks Gord for your gift of music.. go rest in heaven now.. God is very pleased with you.

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Posted by Ben Chapman | 15-Nov-2017

Condolences to the Downie family and band members.

Being very close to Gord in age, the Hip has been an integral part of my life - from dancing my first newborn daughter to sleep to Fully Completely, playfully pinching my much older daughters when the line "that's when the hornet stung me" during family car trips to backyard sing alongs on the guitar to "New Orleans is Sinking".

I only saw the Hip play live once (Ottawa BluesFest 2001) but I did watch the final show online from a hotel room in Singapore - one of the thousands of expatriate Canadians online who felt homesick that they couldn't be home for this seminal event.

Since Oct. 18th, I have been listening to all the Hip albums as well as Gord's solo work and feel the loss all the more. Maybe I feel like a part of me passed as well.

After the final Hip show I donated to the Downie Wenjack Fund and again after Gord's passing. Reconciliation is a critically important issue and I admire Gord for waking some of us up about it. I hope one day to actively work with First Nations people in activity linked to my profession.

Thanks Gord,

Ben (Vietnam)

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