Gord Downie

06-Feb-1964 - 17-Oct-2017

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Posted by Kendra Adair | 13-Nov-2017

RIP Gord you will be greatly missed. My deepest condolences to the Downie family.

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Posted by Kim Atagi | 12-Nov-2017

My condolences to Gord's family, friends and The Band. You will be deeply missed.

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Posted by Melanie Uson | 12-Nov-2017

October 17th. A day that will forever remain in my heart. The day that I couldn't understand the grief I was feeling for someone I had never met. Gord felt like a family member, a friend. His passing has opened up feeling for me that were so intense, but at the same time, these feelings helped me feel and peace. Gord will always have a piece of me, and I know that he's taking care of all of us all the while walking amongst the stars. He is the brightest one in the sky, and all I need to do is look up to the gord above, and say Hey man, thanks :)

From the bottom of my heart, my most sincere condolences to his family and friends. He was loved, and will be loved, by so many.

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Posted by Mark Johnston | 12-Nov-2017

Gord looked me in the eye...that night in August in Kingston!

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Posted by Shirley Uhle | 12-Nov-2017

I was so saddened to hear of Gord's passing. My heart goes out to his family which include his bandmates and countless others whose lives he's touched throughout the years. We were so fortunate to have The Hip play here in Buffalo NY as much as they did through the years and will miss them terribly. We appreciate your poetry and music at work. Thank you Gord for showing us all how to live. Your strength and courage is an inspiration to us all. We, your fans, promise to carry on your mission to help support First Nations and "take care of each other" as you walk among the stars. Much love and peace.

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Posted by Connie Mardell | 10-Nov-2017

My Special memory of Gord is at a concert they played at Hamilton Place in 2009. I didn't have a seat, I stood at the stage touching Gords black boots dancing and singing the whole time and he gave me a hanky!! I was so thrilled it was the best time I ever had!
A kind, selfless, compassionate, gentle man and so much more ♡
Rest in Peace Gord amongst the stars and thank you for all the memories ♡
My Deepest Sympathy to the Downie Family ♡♡♡

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Posted by Christine VanderHeide | 07-Nov-2017

I have a lot of wonderful memories thanks to Gord, here are a few:
- Watching you perform with the Hip in Kitchener (Now for Plan A) and Hamilton (MMP), and at Secret Path in Toronto.
- Secret Path inspired me to shine a light on the importance of reconciliation through my work as a school board librarian and showing others we need to be good allies to our Indigenous friends.
- Singing “Wheat Kings” with my son is a favorite part of our bedtime routine every night.
- I’ve played “Secret Path” for my kids, so we can discuss the shameful history of residential schools. I have a Masters in History and didn’t know about these schools until Secret Path. I will do my best to ensure my children grow up more informed about Indigenous peoples.
- Gord's solo and Hip music brought great comfort to me when I lost my own father to cancer back in January. Listening to them on my earphones was the only way I could turn off my thoughts enough to get some sleep. It made a difficult time a little more easy to bear.

You gave so much of yourself for the benefit of others, Gord. Rest easy now. Sending thoughts of comfort to your family and friends.

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Posted by Michelle Jante | 07-Nov-2017

My Deepest Heartfelt Condolences to Gords family, friends, band family(s), Canada and her people!
I had the utmost honor to meet and speak with Gord and The Hip back in the 80's and 90's after their concerts her in Pennsylvania, Usa.
Gord was truly down to earth, sweet, caring, talented, funny and real man who made me as well as my brother and his gf feel like we had been friends for years ♡
Gords / The Tragically Hip has always been the music that crawls inside of you..... makes itself at home and never leaves!

Sweet Gord... Your music, You and Your Deep Hearted Being Are and Will Be Missed Beyond Words.
Until we meet again... give my daughter Jennifer a big hug... she loved you too!
Missing you in Halifax, Pa., Usa...

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Posted by Todd & Heather Richardson | 06-Nov-2017

Your music will live on Forever thru generations , thank you for bringing Canadians together and teaching those like myself who didn't know alot of history on our Country the knowledge you have done so, thru your lyrics and songs , you will always be remembered as a True Canadian with a huge heart for our people .... love always xoxox

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Posted by Patty Malashevsky | 06-Nov-2017

To the Downie family and his band

Very sorry for your loss, everyone misses Gord, he was a great humanitarian and musician, I will never stop playing the music and will always remember him forever.

I send you prayers for strength and peace during this difficult time ❤🙏

Patty (St Catharines, ON)

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