Gord Downie

2/6/1964 - 10/17/2017

Posted by Tracy Mandeno | 11/3/2017

you will never be forgot Gord you are a wonderful man and in short" Hey man thanks " please rest in peace

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Posted by Mark Cooney | 11/2/2017

The Lakota Spirit, Wicapi Omani, will always be with us, walk towards Peace, Love, Truth and Reconciliation....look up at the Stars.....he is there..

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Posted by Catherine Peirce | 11/2/2017

God bless Gord and his entire family. May you have peace in knowing that he is somewhere safe and looking over his family. Hip Fan Xo

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Guestbook Image Posted by Stan  Kapashesit
Posted by Stan Kapashesit | 11/2/2017

we met in an aisle way in GG's in Moose Factory Ontario, and since that winter day you have been connected to us boys in the western side of James Bay... we got to know each other more during our time with you and the band in Fort Albany, and since then we have run into each other on the Polar Bear Express, attended a few of your shows, chatted, emailed and shared ideas - you will be missed 'Uncle Gord' - Rest in Peace - your friend Stan xo

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Posted by Jay Whitby | 11/2/2017

A friend of mine years ago asked me if i ever heard the tragically hip i said no.The album he played for me was day for night.Since that day ive been a huge hip fan.Gord you are missed but the hips music will live on for generations to come.Rest Easy Gord.

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Posted by Natalie B | 11/2/2017

As a 16 year cancer survivor, I'm not afraid to live anymore. Thank you. Rest in Peace

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Posted by Ivana Genua | 11/2/2017

When the first Hip song was released, I couldn't wait to hear the next. I hurried to purchase the album because I was so intrigued by this new band and by this singer, Gord Downie. As the music and the band evolved Gord took us on a journey of discovery, an intense discovery of Canadiana that each of us can proudly claim as our own. I fell in love with his music and with this great band and followed it intently. On the day he died, my heart broke for his family and his bandmates and for the loss of a great Canadian. I will never forget where I was the moment that his death was announced; sitting in traffic on the 401. It hit me like a dagger to my heart. Gord, you were truly "ahead by a century"

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Posted by Jaime Rivest | 11/2/2017

Gord Downie, an amazing soul. I've never met him but I feel he was a family member; a true friend. What he did for our country to protect waters, land and people is truly a wonderful human being. He used his fame to bring attention to the public that people would never have known about. The Tragically Hip is my soundtrack to my life and I will continue to pay it forward to youngsters so they can listen to Gord's voice just like I did most of my life. "Don't cry because its's over, smile because it happened" Dr. Seuss. Heaven sure has a rockin' band up.

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Posted by Nick Schoenhoff | 11/2/2017

While I was born a bit too late to discover Gord and the Hip as they came up, they nonetheless were a huge part of my growing up. My dad let me commandeer his copy of Up to Here when I was around 10 or 11 and I listened to it over and over. From then on, I was a fan. Beyond being an incredibly talented artist, Gord was an amazing person and such an inspiration. He's a huge reason I'm so proud of my Country and our people, and I'm sure many others are with me on that. Rest in peace, brother.

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Guestbook Image Posted by Randall van der Woning
Posted by Randall van der Woning | 11/2/2017

The genius of Gord Downie's poetry and music (with and without The Hip) has been the major soundtrack of my life; I listen every day and almost always discover something new. How much poorer would we all have been without it? Like so many Canadians I was gutted by the news of his illness but was deeply moved and amazed on how he continued to move forward and effect meaningful change for others. Gord was all heart; it's why he was so loved. We are all so proud of him. Were we all to be a little more like Gord Downie, the world would be a far, far better place. After watching the Kingston concert a thought struck me: He is ours and we are his, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Or in his own words, he "was the rock plug for all of us". My only regret is I never got to meet him, and perhaps give him a hug. I'll miss Gord, but I will never ever forget him.

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