William "Coach" McKittrick


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Posted by Jennifer Minnion | 24-Nov-2019

Today I said a sad goodbye to Coach McKittrick. He was my favourite teacher in high school. He went above and beyond the role of teacher and was a bright spot in an otherwise stormy time in my life. He was inspirational and one of the best men I have ever met.

I was in his English class and he also made me a Jr. Coach for the girl’s football team when I was unable to play. That was the kind of guy he was- always making sure everyone was included.

One of his favourite phrases was "Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It." I can still hear him saying that clearly in my head. He taught not only English but life lessons. He made everyone memorize his phone number and even put it on a test - he let us know we could always call him if we were in crisis.

His Celebration of a Life today was touching; the place was packed with over 250 people. It was clear that he was loved and will be missed by a great many people.

Thanks for the memories, Coach.

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Posted by Shelly and Bill Chaisson | 23-Nov-2019

Dear Lill, Ashley, Scott and family.
Bill was a great teacher yes. A great family man and good friend to many. It was wonderful to hear him talk with enthusiasm about the grandkids, his teaching years, his sports, music and gardening. Always ready with a great story. Loved seeing him at the school reunions too.
I still remember him singing karaoke with his good friend Dr Bud at our wild Christmas parties. Such a vibrant man. He touched so many lives. He will be missed by many.
Hugs and condolences.
Shelly and Bill

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Posted by Peter Adams | 23-Nov-2019

Colleen and I send you our deepest condolences Lil, Scott and Ashley. Saying Bill had a profound impact on us is an understatement. From the times at the school, on the football field and when your family opened your home to us on many a fine evening, some of our fondest memories are of our times together.

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Posted by Karyn Anson | 23-Nov-2019

I’m lost for words and feel nothing but sadness. 😓
My condolences to the family as Coach always shared such great stories of them and spoke so Highly and proud of them.

Coach was such an amazing teacher and such an inspiration. He taught me so many things about myself and life. He is that one special teacher that has always been a piece of me. I was lucky enough to have him for two years. From his old school record player playing a song at the beginning of each class to all his life quotes to making learning fun! (Carpe Diem), (veni, vidi, vici), (seize the day) - just a few that have always stuck with me. 💕

I feel blessed to have known him.

Rest In Peace Coach ❤️

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Posted by Victor Chan | 21-Nov-2019

Rest in peace Coach. You taught me far more than English in Grade 8; I remember you giving out your phone number just in case we (students) ever needed help. I called you in the summer of 2003 in fear of my dad's fury following my first fender bender. You calmly talked me through. Thanks for being there. You are a Legend, and you will be missed.

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Posted by Steve B | 15-Nov-2019

I had coach for Gr11 English, 1993, Steveston High. High school was a blur, only 2 teachers I had remain in my memory. My mechanics teacher (Al) and Coach. He enlightened me with the simplest of wisdom, a phrase that is words to live by, "only an idiot makes the same mistake twice". Rest in peace coach.

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Posted by kenny gofsky | 14-Nov-2019

Ashley, I was very sorry to read of the passing of your father. My eldest son, who attended Steveston High, thought very highly of Coach McKittrick. His patience and kindness were greatly appreciated.

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Posted by Chris Witney | 10-Nov-2019

Coach was the most impactful teacher in my life. I have very fond memories of his classroom, our relationship and the great stories he would tell. He made his students think, argue, laugh, cry and learn. He taught us to respect experience and take a zero tolerance approach to racism, bullies and abusive greed.

He also taught us how much he loved his family. He talked about it all the time.

One of my fondest memories of Coach was the day when one of the girls in the family had blow dried his hair before school. That morning I was the first in his class and the first to discover Coach with a fancy feathery quiff of a hair style. He looked at me nervously and all I said was "we gotta talk about this" and we both burst into uncontrollable laughter. As the other students came in their looks of confusion just exasperated the situation. It was a joyous experience.

A few years after I was out of school, Coach was interested in how things had turned out for me and he told a friend that he wanted me to check in with him. When I called him he invited me to go with him see his wife perform in a play at a little theatre in Vancouver. Naturally I jumped at the chance. Every second Lillian was on stage Coach was just beaming with pride. He mouthed the words as she talked and would give me an occasional elbow to make sure I was paying attention. He would say, "this part is good" or "look at her". It was amazing to see how happy he was to watch his wife on stage. That was some serious love. We should all be so lucky.

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Posted by Ada Leung | 09-Nov-2019

I can't believe the man who taught me iambic pentameter and introduced me to "The Crystal Cave" series and sparked my love for English literature is gone! I decided to major in English because of Coach McKittrick. I'll never forget our class portable film analyses, Rudy, The Dead Poet's Society, Romeo & Juliet, Braveheart. You've taught me so much about the language, but most of all, the people. RIP Coach <3

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Posted by Greg Williams | 08-Nov-2019

The Olympics for Indoor Sports have lost a keen competitor and possible gold medalist. I was never allowed to witness the events (probably for the best) and from the stories I heard I am sure that the athlete's memories were fuzzy, even back in the day. Maybe he won gold, maybe he didn't, but he was definitely a winner. He will be missed. Greg

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