William "Coach" McKittrick


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Posted by Steven Fielding | 08-Nov-2019

So sorry to hear of Bill’s passing. He was a great man and I enjoyed our talks at Ron and Linda’s about everything including football. He seemed bigger than life. My heart felt condolences to you, aunt Lillian and his family

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Posted by Bob Taylor | 08-Nov-2019

I am so sorry to hear about Bill's passing, Lillian. Bill and I had some great times teaching together . Marl also sends her regrets. We were just talking about our chats over the fence at Kidd Park as you were walking along the path and wondering how you were doing. We enjoyed the updates. My pleasant memories of Bill will be ever lasting.

Sincerely, Bob.

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Posted by Paul Louca | 08-Nov-2019

My sincerest condolences to Coach’ Family. He was a teacher that was able to really connect with students with apparent ease. I remember this one day in the “smoke pit” 2 kids were squaring off ready to fight it out so tough acting and wanting blood, nostrils flaring with the rage of the moment. Well, at this time Coach was a regular (and a favorite) at the smoke pit. He saw what was happening went up to the kids and confirmed with them that they both wanted to kick the crap out of each other. What happened next was THE BEST, he said “OK then we’ll take this to my portable and I’ll be the referee!” Both kids unsure of what was happening sorta agreed. Coach continued, “ ok here’s the rules, 10 rounds of BARE KNUCKLE boxing! No hitting below the belt no kicking or eye gouging, ok lets go!” Both kids look at each other their boiling blood clearly cooling off agreed and followed him to his portable. There was no fight in Coach’s classroom that day, only a master class on diffusing an altercation with nobody looking weak. RIP Coach! You were the best!

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Posted by Jane Purdie | 08-Nov-2019

So many fond memories. Rest In Peace Bill COACH. You did so much for so many. Many many grateful students and parents. My condolences to you Lillian,and the rest of the family.

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Posted by Ted Kagetsu | 08-Nov-2019

Our condolences to you Lillian and your family. I was shocked to hear of Coach’s passing!

Coach M and I had wonderful memories teaching in the Portables at Steveston High! In the hay days of Steveston we had more students outside than inside! My favorite memories of Coach is having his BOOMING voice enacting shakespeare’s classic scenes coming through our thin walls of the portables! Loved it!
We had some fun times at the coaches wrap-up at season’s end at his place.

Bless you Coach MCKITTRICK , hope you’re still mentoring and spreading sunshine with Coach Phillips!
Unfortunately Veronica and I will not be able to be at Coach’s Celebration of Life because we’ll be on a Suez Canal Cruise but our thoughts will be with you!
Coach Mckittrick’s spirit will live forever in our hearts!

Ted and Veronica Kagetsu

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Posted by Jennie Grais | 08-Nov-2019

Sorry to hear about Coach. He was an amazing man, and he made such an impact on me and my life. I talk about Coach to my kids a lot. He will be missed.

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