Joseph Storey

25-Oct-1943 - 28-Sep-2019

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Posted by Claudette Herron | 10-Oct-2019

"Uncle Joe" is what I called him and he affectionately called me "Squirt". The world's happiest man, my dad Tony's good friend. A man you show respect to even though he didn't demand it. We are all deeply saddened by his passing. My heart is breaking for Maggie and the boys; his family was his world. It is never easy to lose a loved one and Uncle Joe will be missed by all. xxoo

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Posted by michael boniface | 07-Oct-2019

"Is that JOE STOREY? its MICHAEL BONIFACE", "MICHAEL BONIFACE" Joe would reply with a slightly different tone to his voice possibly adding "How the devil are you?" This is a typical start to a conversation by telephone that repeated itself for years.
We had some amusing events over the years, once he came on the back of my BSA motorcycle on a trip to the supermarket, can you imaging Joe on the pillion? Then there was his claimed dog handling skills that didn't stop him "getting bitten on the tit" (his words not mine) by my dog.
We couldn't talk about Dutch people without the "Wooden shoes, wooden heads, wouldn't listen" retort and if ever we traveled trough Luxembourg without buying cheap fuel he would moan at me for the rest of the trip.
In fact we used to joke that he carried an out of date credit card so that if it was his turn to fill up in some French garage he would claim it wasn't accepted.
He showed me the art of complaining at numerous hotel and car hire counters, the shake of the head, the turn round walking a few steps from the counter then back again to continue his complaint.
A few times he would have one of his attacks of something, not sure what they were, but you couldn't help him as he went through a dramatic choking action, eventually we ignored them, but in restaurants or once in an airport strangers perhaps consider us unsympathetic when we would mention, leave him he will be OK in a minute!
Well Mr Storey, as in the building S.T.O.R.E.Y (ever heard him talking on the phone), one day we may meet again, if we do its your round!

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Posted by Barbara Wolstenholme | 06-Oct-2019

Vale,Joe Storey! The beautiful young English man who braved the seas, came to Canada, swept Margaret off her feet, fathered two brilliant sons, and lived a GOOD life...He did well. Vale Joe.

Barbara,from Melbourne,Australia.

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Posted by John and Christine Coldwell | 05-Oct-2019

We still cannot believe that this wonderful guy has been taken away from us all. Our hearts are full and overflowing with sadness right now. Our memories are full of good time, from when he used to walk through our front door looking for his favourite blonde, past Christine, and straight to Maisie Rae the dog. From the dinner menu never changing, year in year out, it was always Steak and Kidney Pie. On other occasions when we weren't doing the catering, boiling his eggs for his dinner in a kettle in a hotel room....... Way too many great memories to write down but ones we will treasure forever. Our love goes to our darling Maggie, Tim, Todd, Dianne and Ewan.

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Posted by Bill & Judy Reynolds | 05-Oct-2019

Maggie and Family
Joe was a larger than life character with an enormous heart.
We loved his visits, even when he arrived in the middle of the night, we had so much fun.
We will treasure our 40 years of friendship and happy memories. ‘Cheers Joe’.
Thinking of you all, much love Bill and Judy.xx

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Posted by Marion and Jim Healey | 04-Oct-2019

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Margaret and her family. Joe was a good man.

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Posted by Shirley and Doug McLean | 04-Oct-2019

Dearest Margaret, Tim, Todd, Dianne and Ewan

We believe that tears can heal,
That memories can comfort,
And love lives on forever.

Friends for 50 years! Oh, the fun times! Hunting and skeet shooting. Sharing a meal together with a rum and coke chaser. Talking tow trucks and sharing stories about your travels. Special memories to treasure forever!
We had a wonderful friendship filled with great times - never to be forgotten.

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Posted by Colin Jones | 03-Oct-2019

One of those special people who leave indelible memories with all who knew him - from his unannounced flying visits while on business in Europe, all the way back to our playing in the back streets of coal-mining Trimdon. Everyone could see Joseph would do well for himself in the world - and he did. An early clue was when, though younger, he got me to pay for the rental of my own bike!
Will be missed, but never forgotten.

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Posted by Paul Storey | 01-Oct-2019

Our thoughts are with you all today. Uncle Joe is embedded in so many treasured memories of family occasions over the years, distance was certainly no obstacle for him. He will be missed but not forgotten. All our love (Paul, Suzanne, Daniel and Anya).

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Posted by Brad & Donna McLean | 01-Oct-2019

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Margaret, and your family. We have such wonderful memories of Joe. He will live in our hearts forever.

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