James Michael Tovey

08-Sep-1949 - 15-Jan-2018

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Posted by Ken and Jackie Cutmore | 30-Jan-2018

Our deepest sympathy to Lee and family on the passing of Jim. We were shocked to learn of this news just this morning. Jim was a champion for the Small Arms preservation and restoration. A cause for which the Cutmore family was deeply involved. We join the many who will miss Jim and appreciate his efforts to ensure that the history of Small Arms lives on.
Rest in peace Jim.

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Posted by Kate Leto | 30-Jan-2018

I am a resident in Jim's ward and wanted to mention a little-known legacy he leaves. At a corner in Old Port Credit Village, because of only a 2-way stop, there were many accidents and near-misses when vehicles would run the stop sign in one direction while cars went through the intersection from the other direction as there were no stop signs for them. Cars hitting cars. Cars hitting cyclists. Even once a full-size school bus, with kids on board, hitting an SUV. I lived at this corner and it became routine for me to fly out the door when I heard a loud impact. At this corner, is a daycare/pre-school facility. Many parents dropping kids off by parking along the street, very close to this corner. I knew it was a matter of time before a car involved in an accident or near-miss went careening into a parent getting a 3-year-old out of the car. I emailed Jim about my worries and he wasted no time. Using his extensive experience with "the system", he got a traffic analysis done and in a very short time atypical of red-tape-hindered bureaucracies, 4-way stops were implemented. Since then, the corner is peaceful and safe. I truly think that Jim saved at least one life by taking the matter seriously. And likely, in my mind, he saved the life of a child. That is a legacy if there ever was one. I hope this story brings comfort to his family and close friends. I miss the feeling of having a champion in our court.

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Posted by Joanne Deidun-Roork | 26-Jan-2018

Jim, thank you for your many contributions in making Mississauga a greener and healthier place to live for this generation and future generations. Your support of local businesses and participation in numerous events, including those at The Little Green Schoolhouse will always hold a special place in our hearts and memory. Your presence will truly be missed but your spirit will echo in all that you have accomplished. My deepest condolence to Lee and your whole family. Rest in Peace.

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Posted by Julie Gibson | 23-Jan-2018

Always remember Jim from one of his first bands The System. Rest in Peace Jim.. Your memories and achievements will live on. Condolences to his family..

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Posted by Lynn Beaton | 23-Jan-2018

Aside from knowing Jim as our local Councilor, I loved his attitude, smile and inviting personality when out and about.
He loved to sing and support many local business', charities and events.
I still can't believe he is gone.
May he Rest in Peace.
My sincere Condolences to his Beautiful wife and Son and surrounding Family and Dear Friends.
He is sadly missed.

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Posted by Jayne Pilot | 23-Jan-2018

Jim was supportive of my bringing a presentation forward to Regional Council on stopping medical waste from being disposed of in landfills to stop the spread of disease.

I knew Jim as a musician , a councillor and a friend. He was s visionary, a detailed researcher and an advocate for the environment.

I know Major Chrombie will support his ongoing projects.

Thank you to Jim and best wishes to family. God bless.

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Posted by Jeanine Harrison Bower | 22-Jan-2018

My family and I are shocked and saddened at the news of Jim’s passing. I have many fond memories of hearing Jim sing and perform with my brother David who was in also in Hott Roxx.
Our prayers are with you Lee and your family.

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Posted by Elaine Scott | 22-Jan-2018

I met Jim and Lee in the late 70’s when he was front man for Hott Roxx. His energy and talent was always spellbinding. Although I lost touch I see he had a great career and made an impact on his community. My very sincere condolences go out to Lee and all of Jim’s Family, friends and colleagues.

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Posted by Dawn Banville (nee McIntyre) | 22-Jan-2018

I grew up in Malton with the Tovey family and wanted to pass along my condolences to all of Jim's family. RIP
Dawn (McIntyre) Banville

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Posted by Munir Pervaiz | 22-Jan-2018

Nasreen Pervaiz and Munir Pervaiz offer our heartfelt condolences and sympathies to Tovey family.
We have been witness to James Tovey's passion for community service and to develop Mississauga as a world class city. We also observed his special contribution to development of art culture within the community and his efforts to assist people of diverse communities in adding value to arts in Canada. May he be blessed.. Amen

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