James Michael Tovey

9/8/1949 - 1/15/2018

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Posted by Marney Macqueen | 1/20/2018

I didn't know Jim personally. And only ever had 1 or 2 encounters with him. Those encounters and interaction in social media were enough to know he was a person engaged in his community. So sorry for the loss to his family. There is a hole in the fabric of this community. But his spirit will always inspire us.

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Posted by Caroline Augustin | 1/20/2018

I first met Jim and his wife Lee at the Grand Opening of our new latin & ballroom dance studio in Port Credit. Together with Bonnie Crombie, he helped cut the ribbon and open up the dance floor. And he danced up a storm in his Jim Tovey dance style. Nothing stopped him. He was a powerhouse of energy not only on the dance floor but in everything he did for his community. As a Board Member, I was privileged to work on his vision for the re adaptation of the Small Arms Building into a Creative Hub. His enthusiasm and positive energy were contagious. I remember thinking that I had never met a Ward Councillor that has done so much for his community. Thank you Jim. My deepest condolences to Lee and the family.

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Posted by Town of Port Credit Associaton (TOPCA) The Executive | 1/20/2018

The Executive of the Town of Port Credit Association (TOPCA) is greatly saddened by the sudden passing of our Councillor, Jim Tovey. This loss and the impact of his departure from our civic life at this time cannot be overstated, and we are hearing from many residents about their heavy hearts and personal grief at losing the community champion of Ward “One-derful” as Jim liked to call it.

We wish to share some thoughts with our membership, and all who knew and loved him, including his dedicated wife Lee and their family.

Jim was a visionary, a policy guy, an activist, a tireless community advocate. He thought, then researched, then articulated, then worked, and WORKED, to achieve renewal for his beloved Lakeview, and also Port Credit, as part of an overarching vision for the Mississauga waterfront and its historic villages. Yes, he was Councillor for Ward 1, but his broad perspective was that of a city-builder.

Jim’s love and advocacy for preserving cultural and natural heritage is forever imprinted in the Lakeview Waterfront Connection project so dramatically taking form. We are gratified that on Sunday last, Jim was able to hear the accolades from so many environmental, government and political colleagues (including the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario) for his vision and accomplishments. The Morphology Exhibit in Lakeview is a fitting touchstone of this moment in the City’s waterfront evolution, but only one of many projects inspired and initiated by Jim to finally arrive at a restored and world-class shoreline along our part of Lake Ontario.

Jim was a paddler, a rocker, a cyclist, a carpenter, a leader. It is perfect that one with such lived and varied experience should find his destiny working with a community in need of a driving force to express and realize its ambitious Vision.

The future of the City of Mississauga is indelibly set on a new and exciting course, thanks to Jim’s inspiration, advocacy and passion, and history will bear this out as coming generations enjoy his legacy. The best collective tribute we can make is to stay this course and work together to achieve all that Jim knew our communities and our waterfront could be.

Jim often spoke of doing this work “not for ourselves but for our grandchildren” and we can take comfort in knowing he meant it and knew the legacy would outlive him.

RIP Jim, we won't forget you. (As posted at http://www.topca.net/#Jim_Tovey)

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Posted by Rick Drennan | 1/20/2018

When I first met Jim in 2008, I was editor of the Mississauga Business Times and he was a little known advocate for changing our mindset about what to do with the newly freed up Lakeview lands. Through his leadership with the Lakeview Residents Association, he helped give us back our lands and our lake. You made Lakeview whole again. You understood that the Industrial Age was over, and it was past time we stopped the insanity of building coal or gas plants on our most beautiful and most vulnerable lands – our waterfront. I was not just a journalist then, but a longtime Lakeview resident. I had skin in the game. I grew up on Meredith Avenue, under the shadow of the smokestacks. My first childhood memories were of playing on the lake lands – before they put up that horrible, coal-spewing power plant. Without Jim's vision, and dogged determination, our lakefront would still be scarred. Thanks for your vision, your tireless advocacy, your good humour, your friendship, and your humanity. To finish off my feelings about Jim, I'll slightly alter a quote from a one of my favourite authors, Dr. Seuss: 'Yes, my friend, it's truer than true. There was no one in the world that was your than you!'

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Posted by Evelyn Leslie | 1/20/2018

I had great admiration for Jim Tovey so I write with a heavy heart. Jim helped me out with neighbourhood problems which I will be forever greatful for his commitment. He had great vision for the Lakeview and Port Credit. Jim worked with all his heart and he is our forever rockstar. Mississauga will not the same. May he Rest In Peace. My condolences to his lovely wife Lee and their family.

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Posted by Gerry Lessy Bryans | 1/20/2018

My condolences to his family. My family knew Jim when his artistic abilities peaked his interest during the sixties. He would often stop by our house on his way home from Toronto to enjoy conversation & laughter.

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Posted by Colleen Johnson (Prendergast) | 1/20/2018

Neighbour, friend, part-time idol in the music phase of his life. I am so sad that he is gone from this earth, but never from our hearts or memories. God bless the Tovey family from me and all the Prendergasts.

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Posted by Lena Orwin | 1/20/2018

Will miss your smile, hugs,dance moves and your visions for the future of Port Crédit.

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Posted by Alex Gregory | 1/20/2018

A titan among the community and a man who had his pulse on nearly every aspect of Lakeview and Port Credit, Jim was one-of-a-kind.

It's fair to say that I wouldn't be as involved in the community were it not for his guidance. He was a close friend and a mentor to me for many years.

I will cherish the memories I have him and try to uphold the ideals he set during his career. He will be missed.

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Posted by Mary Simpson | 1/20/2018

Jim, I was proud to work alongside you on the Lakeview Waterfront Trail project for these past 6 years. You inspired us to build a greater community by imagining what can be, by finding the solutions that others say don't exist and by looking out for one another. This photo was taken Sunday, January 14th at a photo exhibit that would chronicle your waterfront trail. Your legacy. You deserved this exceptional day - you will be missed.

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