Basil Joseph Cultrera

12-Aug-1936 - 12-Nov-2021

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Posted by Graham Bates | 07-Dec-2021

Basil was a great guy and friend.
Fantastic memories both on the field and off.
The guy was immensely generous and for sure the mould from which he was cast no longer ger exists. Many marvellous memories of fun times at his lodge in the lakes.Rest in peace my friend.

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Posted by Ian McConvey | 06-Dec-2021

Well Baz, I miss you already … your strength, support, and courage on the rugby pitch, and our laughs after the game.

You’ll be in good hands up there with Bernie, Stafford, Eddie, and all the guys, putting together a great Beach side. I know you will fit right in. You’ll soon have a full 15.

Happy trails old pal.

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Posted by Ray Williams | 04-Dec-2021

I've known Basil for many years, both before the "Beach" and after. He was a great guy.

I have many good memories about Bas with John Edwards, Ed Hulse (big Ed), Grant Carlin "Little Bas" Roe, Lewie (John), Bernie etc.. Too many to name.

Rest in peace Bas. You will be missed.

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Posted by bert vermaskari Vermaskari | 30-Nov-2021

great rugby buddy--member of the infamous beach volleyball team champions known as" alls army "a true guy---bert

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Posted by Glenn Tarver | 30-Nov-2021

Balmy Beach rugby late 60s into 70s: Bas always played at 100%. You always knew he had your back. There were no substitutions then. So if he was injured, he would ignore it. Teammates would often not even know it and he just played hard through to the final whistle. And after the game, even more fun. Good athlete, party guy, lots of laughs. I'm thinking of you right now Donna. And in recent days often of Bas and the good times.

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Posted by Betty Sellers | 30-Nov-2021

I am so very sorry to hear about Basil. My sincere condolences to you and your family.

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Posted by john zimnoch | 29-Nov-2021

Basil was one of the first people I met at the Balmy Beach Club and showed great friendship and kindness to me and subsequently Ingrid and Hans, Donna too of course and we shared many many wonderful times together, especially with Bernie and the Lewis.
Down in Dallas to watch Staubach and crew Basil persuaded the cops not to take me to jail and in New York picked me off the pavement and showed me to my room with Stafford Dobbin. Soon I was at The Bakery enjoying Muskoka and Baz later kindly showed son Hans, age 8, how to make a proper Cuba Libre. I could go on and on, jumping to 2002 Ingrid bought Bassie's Accord, a totally loaded demo which we only sold 2 months ago, Ingrid loved that car.
Basil always looked after Ingrid personally at the dealership as she didnt speak Mandarin or Cantonese very well.
to say Basil loved cars is an understatement, probably the only thing he loved more is Donna, and no wonder, such a great pair.

Take care Donna and just enjoy all the great memories and wonderful times, much love from us John, Ingrid and Hans, Basil will be missed but never ever forgotten xxxx

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Posted by Barbara Wilkinson Gibb | 29-Nov-2021

I send my most sincere condolences Donna. Its been years since we saw the beginning of the romance of Donna and Basil. The photos show that you two lived life to the fullest with much fun and much love. I hope they are a comfort in your loss.

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Posted by Bill Salter | 28-Nov-2021

Thinking of you and your family:
We had some great time playing rugby and working out together.
Not to mention special times in Muskoka.
Kind regards from the Salter family

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Posted by w.keith scott | 28-Nov-2021

I knew Basil well from single day's, at B.B.Club, skied/horse-bac k rides....pop. with many good friends....Blue Mnt. ON, & Stowe Vt., well loved guy, right on lrgr. than life....unlit stogie. I still ski!
Some best of fellas gone as well....Phil D., Chubby F., [sister], other's...effervescent-Grant Carlin/sps. Pat, Gary Gray/Liz, John Lew...,
I knew of his successs well-earned at Honda, many interest.
And a great spouse, we were the same age, mrd. same time/place....both fab. Italian's, we also [all] have been most fortunate lived good lives.
Often; think of that...good old gang, the finest.
Met you Donna, saw you at Chubby's funeral, chatted with Basil, he was so 'proud of you', made that comment to me, quite typical of Him, a people person, that for sure.
I am sorry we did not keep in touch.....we certainly enjoyed each other skiing, here there.
Donna; to you et al, my sincere condolences.
God Bless.
k + [wkeithscott of N. To.]

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