Ernest James Cox

11-Nov-1939 - 05-Mar-2021

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In Loving Memory

It is with sadness after a 3 year battle with cancer Ernie Cox has passed while in the care of Southlake Hospital. He fought with such strength and optimism that he would “beat this”. Ernie being Ernie worked right up to his admittance to the hospital on February 5th. Perhaps the most difficult part of this journey was in dealing with the constraints of COVID. With no visitors allowed, the family could only visit when notified by Doctors that we would be able to say goodbye. That we did with patience and strength, one by one we went in to say our final thoughts and hold hands. My father held on until the last goodbye was said by his Grandson Carson who has been driving his Grandpa to work every day for the last year since driving became difficult for my Dad. As his Grandson said his final goodbyes my father passed within hours. Now free of his pain we can only hope he is in a better place.

Ernie leaves behind so many family members and friends. His wife Carol of 59 years, his daughter Carrie and her husband Frank and grandchildren Carlie and Carson. His brother and sisters and their families, the friendships he has made along the way either in his old car gatherings, elevator industry, cottaging on Christian Island and attending sporting events with his grandchildren. There have been so many people that have had interactions with my father throughout his life. There are far too many stories to list but we would love to hear some of your experiences if you would like to share them. We thank everyone for their wishes, thoughts and prayers.

In lieu of flowers we have set up a Memorial Fund in my Dad’s name please see The GoFundMe link, for more information.

You may also visit Ernie’s Facebook Memorial Page. Follow this link and make a request to join the group,

We will have a celebration of life in the spring, more information will follow.

My Grandpa.

This was hard to write. I have so much to tell.
My grandpa was a very special person to me.
They never can prepare you for a loss like this, a loss of an incredible person.

I have so many amazing memories with my grandpa, memories that will live on in my heart forever and make me smile. This is the hardest thing i've ever had to let go, but i'm so happy and relieved he is not suffering or in any more pain, after the long battle he endured. He never once gave up, he never backed down, and kept fighting with every breath he had until his last. What a strong man that Ernie Cox was. I was so lucky to be blessed in my life with a person of his nature. People like him, you don't come by often. It's been so overwhelming hearing stories of his life, pictures, memories, but a good overwhelming. I love hearing the life he lived. Grandpa lived such a long incredible life, and I was only a part of a quarter of it for him, but he was my whole life for me.

I will miss him so much, and cherish the memories he left me behind to remember forever. His infamous wet willies (haha), I will always remember those, I can feel it right now talking about it hah ewww! I remember Carson and I always fought not to sit beside him at dinners because he would sneak attack you with the worst slobbery wet willy. But you always had to be on high alert because he could get you at any time, even casually walking beside you. We loved that about him.

I will also always have a habit of protecting my Shirley temples because he always used to steal my Mendocino cherries. I got so upset, but he always asked the waiter to bring a whole sword full, after he ate mine of course. It is one of my favourite drinks because of that memory.

From when I can first remember old cars were always a part of our life. My grandpa’s love for his old cars was so infectious. From a young age I remember going to old car shows with him, going to the stardust drive inn for old car movie nights, going to pick up parts on the current old car that he was working on at the time, the memories can go on and on. He taught me a love for classic cars that will live on inside me forever. My favourite old car for as long as I can remember was the old punch buggy Volkswagen bug, aka the love bug. We always watched Herbie fully loaded and I said that's the car I want when I'm older. So on my 16th birthday that's the car that was sitting in my driveway at home. He restored me my own white love bug, I will always love that bug. Whenever I drive it now I will make sure to blast his favourite willie nelson and johnny cash songs so he can ride along with me.

Grandpa was my number one supporter, he was always my biggest fan. Everything I would do, he was there on the sidelines. Every dance recital, competitions, skating tests, coffee houses, graduation… everything. I remember when I was young I would always look forward to him driving me in his old cars to my dance recitals. I don't really remember much of the recitals but I have always remembered him driving me there, and that was something I hold special in my heart. He also drove me to my graduations, both elementary and high school, as well as prom in his old cars. I remember always feeling so cool because everyone else came in limos but I came in my grandpa's one of a kind old classic car that he restored himself, with him driving it… now who else can say they had that? Not much, I was a very lucky girl. He always made me feel so special, he made Carson and I feel like the most special people in the world. That feeling will always live on, in the both of us. We were so loved by our grandparents.

He was always there for the many skating competitions I had in my life as well as my mom, Carrie, when she skated. When I first started synchro skating he always came to practices early in the morning and brought timbits after our skate. I remember always looking forward to the end of practice because grandpa was waiting in the change room with the timbits. As I grew up he always supported the skating teams I was on and the hockey teams Carson was on. Making the team matching sweaters with our names and of course his company too, vertex, on the sleeve.

He gave back in so many ways, and touched so many lives, it’s overwhelming to even think about. He was so present throughout mine and Carson's life. I have so many stories and memories of my grandpa that I wish to share more and more as days, months and years continue to go by. Whoever knew Ernie Cox or was ever touched by him in some way in life, was so lucky to meet a good soul like his.

One memory of my grandpa that always warms my heart thinking about it, was when he bought leaf tickets for my brother but they couldn’t go because my family was going on their annual trip to Myrtle Beach the time of the game. So my boyfriend Josh and I went. We went out to dinner with grandpa, east side Mario’s before the game, and we ran into my mom's good friend Tara . Of course both of them teased Josh a bit since he was new to the family, we had only been dating for a little while at that time. But grandpa was always teasing. It ‘builds character’ he said. He was a character alright. Haha. Grandpa was really fond of Josh, they always had good conversations, he loved people who chatted with him about anything and everything. He told me he was happy that I found my person and he was good… and if he broke my heart he would haunt him haha! That is so typical of my grandpa to say. We ended up having a great dinner, and he drove us to the leafs game. I found out afterwards my grandpa let Josh and I enjoy the leaf game, just the two of us, creating an everlasting memory for us, while he waited in the park and ride, in front of the Scotiabank arena, watching the game outside on the jumbotron. He waited for the game to be over to drive us home. What a selfless man he was. Always thinking of others before himself.

My Grandpa always made me feel like a princess, and I was and will continue to be his lil princess. I could go on and on with the memories of my grandpa and how he touched my life. These are some memories that I hold close to my heart, and I wanted to share them with you at this time. I will always have a guardian by my side now, protecting me and watching over me everywhere I go. I hope you're up there, with Alex, Lily and Tanner, enjoying a nice glass of blue nun white wine or a rum and coke, in your favourite old car or driving the searay on the water, listening to some Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson. May you Rest In Peace, my ya ya ya guy 🖤

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Posted by barb barton-McMillan | 23-Mar-2021

with wonderful memories of growing up on Lisgar street with the Cox family shalom Barb

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Posted by Syd Schatzker | 11-Mar-2021

Ernie was an amazing person; certainly one of a kind. I knew Ernie as a friend, from various car clubs - mostly The Thornhill Cruisers and as his accountant for almost 35 years. He was animated, funny, a great friend who always gave of himself and a hobbiest. If it was mechanical, he could fix it or build it. He was an icon in his chosen profession in the elevator industry and faced every challenge in an optimistic positive manner even his own battle with cancer. He was a rascal in a wonderful endearing way. Most of all, I will miss talking to him. Oh....the stories! To his family, you were fortunate to have him this long. May your wonderful memories of him be a blessing to you and sustain you in the days to come. I will miss you Ernie. May the Lord bless you and keep you. Syd

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